Bac Nord is released on DVD: 3 things to know about the shock film with Gilles Lellouche and François …

Good news for those who have not yet made their Christmas presents! After its crazy race to the top of the box office, Bac Nord is revealed on DVD and Blu-Ray. The opportunity to give you 3 information on the punchy film by Cédric Gimenez.


Available on DVD, Blu-Ray, Bac Nord is Cédric Jimenez’s latest film. 7 years after bringing to the screen the story of judge Pierre Michel and the godfather of heroin trafficking Gaëtan Zampa in La French, with Jean Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche, the director tackles another true story here.

Bac Nord is in fact inspired by a real affair that took place in 2012 within the Marseille law enforcement agencies. At that time, 18 members of the city’s anti-crime squad had been taken to prison for drug trafficking and racketeering. Marseillais having grown up in the northern districts, the scenario writer therefore wanted to relate this episode which marked him through a feature film, while carrying out his investigation.

The media show was such that I felt the need to know what had happened. How far had these cops crossed the yellow line? But for that, it was necessary to have access to the police, to the file. What was obviously impossiblee “, explains Cédric Jimenez.

“When we decided to work together, with Hugo Sélignac, my producer, I always had this business in mind. That’s when he said to me ‘Wait, I know someone in Marseille who could present the real ones to us. cops of the case. ”And that’s what happened. I was able to meet all the BAC North at the time, talk to these men.


Revealed in the series Casting (s) and Dix per cent, and in the films Five and What binds us, François Civil shares the top bill with Gilles Lellouche and Karim Leklou. He plays Antoine, a young BAC North agent who looks like a hothead in the trio. Beyond having exchanged his dark brown for a bleached blonde Nekfeu style, the actor has prepared at length to blend completely into his character.

Given Antoine’s physical condition and the fact that he can “hit a sprint” from one second to the next, François Civil did long sports sessions to gain muscle mass. But muscles weren’t the only thing he gained for the shoot. From reading the script, and seeing that his character lived in the northern districts of Marseille, the actor was convinced that he had to take the southern accent.

After discussing it with Cédric Jimenez who knows exactly what this accent looks like and who can thus judge its transcription, the Parisian went to Marseille for 2 months. A stay from which he returned with that light and natural accent which found favor with the ears of the filmmaker.


Released in theaters on August 18, 2021 after several postponements due to sanitary conditions, Bac Nord quickly established itself at the top of the box office. Achieving 483,381 admissions after a week of operation, the feature film had then become the third best start for a French film since the reopening of cinemas, behind Kaamelott: Premier Volet and OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa.

A success that has not yet run out of steam since this December 16, the film celebrated its 17th week on the bill with an event screening in Paris, just before bidding farewell to cinemas, after more than 2.2 million tickets to the hall. To date, it is the 4th film to have attracted the most people at the cinema in France in 2021, after Mourir can wait, Dune and Kaamelott.

Rediscover Bac Nord now on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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