Babysitting 2 on W9: a parachute jump that almost ended badly – cinema news

Babysitting 2 airs tonight on W9. Filmed largely in found-footage, Philippe Lacheau’s comedy was shot without stuntmen; including the parachute jump scene. Take a look behind the scenes.

After the success of Babysitting (more than 2.35 million admissions in France), the whole gang flew to Brazil to shoot Babysitting 2. Philippe Lacheau wanted the characters to go on vacation to a heavenly place, but which can also turn into hell. Brazil combined these two characteristics.

In this second opus, still directed by Nicolas Benamou and Philippe Lacheau, Sonia (Alice David) wishes to introduce Franck (Lacheau) to her father, Jean-Pierre (Christian Clavier) director of an ecological hotel in Brazil. The whole gang meets there for a dream vacation. One morning, the boys go on an excursion into the Amazon rainforest. Jean-Pierre gives them his cantankerous mother. The next day, they all disappeared… We only find the camera with which they left. Sonia and her father will watch this video to find their trace …
Babysitting 2 on w9: a parachute jump that almost ended badly - cinema news

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Philippe Lacheau and Tarek Boudali

On the program of this crazy comedy: grandmother’s babysitting, caving, spider bite and parachute jump … A second part rich in action scenes that the actors have produced themselves. The film having been shot in found-footage, the use of stuntmen would have been immediately visible on the screen. In one of the scenes (visible in the trailer), Philippe Lacheau, Tarek Boudali, Vincent Desagnat and Julien Arruti are parachuting. The four actors really threw themselves into the void to make the sequence more realistic and funny.

Dropped over the ocean

For this stunt, they trained in France and finished training in Brazil. During the weekends, during the shooting, they took the opportunity to go to Sao Paulo to parachute. The actors then rehearsed the scene for several days on the ground. And in two takes, it was in the box!

Yet the first was inconclusive. Philippe Lacheau explains: “We rehearsed on the ground with fairly precise timing. Except that once in the sky, in real conditions, we took longer than expected to say the text and we jumped late. Once in the air, I see the teacher who signals me – “We stop the scene. Problem” – and who immediately opens his veil“. The actors had not been dropped in the right place and ended up over the ocean … Fortunately, the wind picked up at the right time and brought them back to land. This extreme moment has was a real challenge for Philippe Lacheau who qualifies himself as “someone very fearful“.

Efforts that paid off since the second opus totaled 3.2 million spectators in our theaters.

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