Baby on Netflix: how does the sulphurous Italian series end? – News Series on TV

Baby on Netflix: how does the sulphurous Italian series end?  – News Series on TV

Last season for Baby, the Italian series for teens on Netflix. Available today, the last episodes of the sulphurous show put an end to the plot inspired by a real scandal. Warning, spoilers.


Warning, spoilers. The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Season 3 of Baby. If you don’t want to know, don’t read on.

The lies of Chiara (Benedetta Porcaroli) and Ludovica (Alice Pagani) are over. After two seasons of hiding their double lives, the two heroines of Baby, the sulphurous Italian series on Netflix, will have to assume their secrets which come to light. In season 3, the police finally discover that the two best friends have become prostitutes. Their relatives being involved directly or indirectly in the prostitution network, languages ​​are starting to loosen and everyone tries to protect their interests. Rumors swell in high school and everyone blames Ludo because of his previous reputation.

To help her friend, Chiara, whose secret was discovered by her businessman father and her politician mother, decides to tell everything live on Instagram. The descent into hell begins for Chiara and Ludovica. The latter agrees to flee to Berlin with her boyfriend and Mac Fiore but she turns against him at the last moment and cooperates with the police. Fiore arrested, Chiara and Ludovica decide to resume their normal lives as best they can and take their final exams. Despite his feelings for her, Damiano cannot get over the affair and decides to leave Chiara.


In the last episode of season 3 of Baby, it is time for trial. Chiara and Ludovica go all out to find Natalia, a key witness to bring down Fiore, who wants to blame Damiano and the girls. Chiara and Ludovica succeed in convincing Natalia to testify against Fiore, and Ludovica’s mother, underage, takes responsibility for her daughter’s actions. After a big questioning, Ludovica passes her exams and goes to Paris to an art school. For her part, Chiara, an adult, is forced to undergo therapy in a closed center. She takes the opportunity to reconnect with Niccolo, her former boyfriend. To seal their friendship forever and not to forget their experience, Chiara and Ludovica have a small bear tattoo on their arm, like the teddy bear they kept with them.

As a reminder, Baby is freely inspired by the “Baby Squillo” (“baby prostitutes”) scandal that occurred in 2013 in Rome. This news item concerns two young girls aged 14 and 15 who fell into a prostitution ring after responding to an ad on Google to make money. Their incomes being more and more consequent, the two teenagers spend without counting and arouse the suspicions of their mothers. Among their clients, we find wealthy businessmen but also politicians. The case created a scandal especially as one of the mothers encouraged her daughter to continue to prostitute herself. If the Baby series draws its inspiration from this affair, it strives more to dissect the lives of these young girls and their feelings of a rich, superficial, disillusioned youth without parental stability.

Baby’s Season 3 trailer:

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