Baby Boss, Madagascar, The Croods…: which animated films to watch during the holidays…

Baby Boss Madagascar The Croods… which animated films to watch

Yippee, school is out! And since the holidays can be synonymous with a family cinema session, Prime Video is offering a superb selection of animated films this summer, with Shrek, Chicken Run or even Madagascar…

chicken run

22 years after his monumental box office at the cinema, chicken run arrives this month on the platform. The opportunity for the youngest generation to discover the adventures of Ginger, a hen dreaming of new horizons, and Rocky, a boastful rooster who has promised to teach everyone in the henhouse to steal…

Perfectly paced, this funny and touching adventure benefits from a high-flying cast for its French version: Valerie Lemercier, Gérard Depardieu and Josiane Balasko !

If it is not the first work of animation in plasticine to have seen the light of day, Chicken Run revolutionized the genre, allowing the creation of the Best animated film category at the Oscars. The Aardman studio, which was the very first feature film production, is currently working on the sequel, scheduled for 2023. The circle is complete!

Find Chicken Run on Prime Video.


And if you were wondering what was the very first feature film to have received this famous Oscar for Best Animated Film: it is none other than Shrekalso available on Prime Video, just like the second opus, Shrek 2.

Wonderfully parodying all the codes of children’s fairy tales, the film tells the story of Shrek, an ugly and repulsive green ogre, voiced by Alain Chabat. In order to regain the tranquility of his swamp, he is forced to accomplish a mission for a tyrannical and dwarf prince, accompanied by an unbearable donkey: to rescue Princess Fiona.

Released in 2001 at the cinema, Shrek passed the 20-year mark. With 3 sequels, a spin-off (The Puss in Boots), and even a musical, this feature film has become a real phenomenon for an entire generation, with its share of cult lines: “The clafoutis is exquisite!”, “You’re not dead, donkey!”

Find Shrek on Prime Video.


Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippopotamus are all residents of the luxurious New York Zoo. Accidentally stranded in the inhospitable jungle of Madagascar after a failed escape attempt, the four animals will be confronted with the ruthless nature and the strange customs of the local fauna…

Filled with cult scenes, between a megalomaniac lemur king who takes up a hit from the 90s and a quartet of secret agent penguins, the beautiful fable about friendship that is Madagascar is to be (re)discovered with your family on the platform.

With, by the way, a five-star cast: Jose Garcia, Anthony Kavanagh, Jean-Paul Rouvé and Marina Fois for the VF, and Ben Stiller, Chris Rock or Sacha Baron Cohen in VO!

Find Madagascar on Prime Video.

Baby Boss

Tim is 7 years old and discovers his new little brother. But there’s nothing ordinary about this baby: he’s wearing a suit and tie, a watch, a briefcase… and he’s talking! Indeed, this infant is Baby Bossan agent on a mission to thwart a global conspiracy: puppies would receive more affection than human babies.

In 2017, the DreamWorks studio entrusted the production to Tom McGrath, co-creator of the Madagascar trilogy. A winning bet, since it received a nomination in the Best Animated Film category at the 90th Academy Awards, as well as at the Golden Globes in 2018. Baby Boss can be seen with the family now on Prime Video!

Find Baby Boss on Prime Video.


In very hot weather, take a breath of fresh air with Paddington, the most mischievous little bear cub in all of England! Embarked clandestinely from the forests of Peru, he arrives in London and finds himself taken in by a family, but also threatened by a ruthless taxidermist…

From the imagination of Michael Bond, the adorable icon of British children’s literature was adapted in 2014 in a clever mix of animated film and live action, to discover on Prime Video. Always quick to antics, but never ill-intentioned, Paddington is dubbed in VF by Guillaume Gallienne.

Find Paddington on Prime Video.

The Croods

Released in theaters in 2013, The Croods follows the journey of a prehistoric family, which goes into the unknown when their cave is destroyed. The fascinating new setting of a lush jungle opens up to them, a promise of adventure, discovery and… danger! For Eep, the eldest daughter, it is also an opportunity to find love, with Guy, a young nomad with an innovative style.

Kev Adams and Berengere Krief lend their voices to the characters of this animated film, once again from the DreamWorks studio, evoking many universal themes, such as family, adolescence and emancipation.

Watch The Croods on Prime Video.

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