Baby Boss 2: at what age to see this crazy sequel with the Templeton brothers

Baby Boss 2 is about to invade the big French screens! This family animated film is the sequel to the first opus released in 2017. From what age can our dear little darlings see this film?



In the Boss Baby sequel, the Templeton brothers – ex-Boss Baby Tim and Ted – are now adults and have lost sight of each other. While Tim is a stay-at-home dad, Ted is the boss of a hedge fund. But a new Baby Boss with a strong character is about to re-bond between the two brothers …


This second episode of Baby Boss, recommended from 6 years old, will delight little fans of the first episode and newcomers with its impertinence. Always so squeaky and irreverent, Ted Templeton is even more wacky and crazy in this opus.

In addition, new characters are appearing, like Tina, the new Boss Baby, and she will bring a breath of fresh air in this established order! Carol and Dr Armstrong are also newcomers and they will not hesitate to give our Baby Boss a hard time!

In the early drafts of the script, Tina was just an envoy from Baby Corp., tasked with telling her father that a new crisis was brewing. But as the plot evolved and following feedback from Margie Cohn (President of DreamWorks Animation) and Kristin Lowe (Artistic Director), it was decided to give Tina a bigger role.

“We then thought that maybe her mission was to bring together the two brothers who lost sight of each other, under the guise of saving the world from Armstrong’s clutches. We can see that she is manipulating these two idiots in her own way. way – just as babies know how to manipulate their parents “says director Tom McGrath.


We reassure you, nothing will really worry the children in Baby Boss. However, there are some action scenes that can be slightly intimidating to mention.

We think in particular of a sequence where Ted must flee a horde of baby ninja armed with katana who love to cut everything in their path.

Baby boss 2: at what age to see this crazy sequel with the templeton brothers

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Ted VS baby ninja


The first thing that children will be able to remember is the importance of the family and in particular of the relations between brothers and sisters.

Tim and Ted, despite their differences and their bickering, can count on each other, and it’s a great value that toddlers will know how to keep in them.

Note that the director was inspired by his own story to tell us that of brothers Tim and Ted Templeton:

“My older brother taught me how to make films when I was 10 years old, but it was I who moved to Hollywood, when he started a very young family and still lives in the little one. city ​​in Washington state where we grew up.

In a way, I was jealous of the fact that being so absorbed in my work, I never had time to start a family, although he had not followed through on his cinematographic ambitions “, confides the filmmaker.

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