One of my favorite board games is 50% off for Black Friday

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Black Friday deals are always a great way to save some, and this year it’s a great way to save while having some fun. There are plenty of board games with great low prices for Black Friday, and among them is Azul, a strategic tile placing game. Azul is currently limited to just $20 on Amazon as part of the retail giant’s Black Friday deals. That’s 50% off and a savings of $20, since Azul is regularly priced at $40. Free shipping is included with purchases, including free fast shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Why should you buy Azul?

Azul is a popular tile placing game that can be fun to play for both small and large groups of people. In fact, we consider Azul one of the best board games and consider it the best board game for 2-8+ players. This makes it a great game for parties and other gatherings. Players compete to create the most complete but still pleasing to the eye square of tiles in Azul. The tiles are selected from the shared pool, as well as the rules for laying them. This is a fun game that will keep all types of crowds entertained this holiday season.

This exclusive Azul game comes with high quality components. The tiles are high quality and beautifully crafted. The game itself was created by world-renowned game writer Michael Risling, and his vision for Azul shines through with this version. The game is inspired by the aesthetics of Moorish art, yet transformed into a contemporary board game. There are several other versions of the game that add different artistic themes, but this version stays true to Azul’s purest intentions. Games typically clock in at under an hour, so it’s a perfect game for quick chats with friends in addition to entertaining larger groups.

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Although a lot of board games are discounted right now, Azul is one of the best board game Black Friday deals. It’s fun and requires some strategic thinking, and it costs just $20 on Amazon. This will save you $20 off the regular price of $40, and includes free shipping.

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