Avatar: Stephen Lang discusses James Cameron’s ability to innovate

While Avatar 2 is yet to be released, Stephen Lang recently referred to the very last film in the saga – the fifth! – whose script moved him so much that he cried. But also the way of filming of James Cameron.

Avatar: stephen lang discusses james cameron's ability to innovate
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While promoting the horror film Don’t Breath 2, Stephen Lang was interviewed by Collider on another of his highly anticipated projects: the Avatar sequel. Or rather the sequels since James Cameron had announced in 2017 that the actor would be present in the next four films planned on Pandora, still in the role of Colonel Miles Quaritch, the antagonist of the first opus.

And according to the comedian, Avatar 5 should not leave fans indifferent. “When I finished reading the last script, I was crying bitterly. I just thought it was beautiful. This final script tells a great original story, really beautiful that moved me incredibly.”, He said.

And to continue: “I hope and imagine the audience will be too, because one of the things that [James Cameron] does really, really good is that it takes it from the page to the screen in a very literal way. You see what I mean ? You really see it. What you read is what you get, I think, and more.

Stephen Lang also spoke about the technical side of the filming of this franchise and the way they are masterfully managed by James Cameron.


He really goes a long way on this project. I’m not revealing any secrets in saying this, but I remember working on a sequence with him where there was a problem with the scale. That’s all I can say. And it was difficult”, He recalled.

Before sharing: “It almost stopped everything. There was a problem that no one other than him had noticed at the time. He had to find a solution. Anyway, we just stopped or started working on something else.

But do not believe that this setback has shot the filmmaker! Because Stephen Lang then said:

The next day he came to me, very excited, and said: ‘I have found the algorithm to do it’. He was staring at this algorithm and I was looking at him thinking, ‘What are you talking about? I have no idea what you’re talking about. ‘ But he did. He created a problem … There was a problem because he wanted a scene, something to happen, and then he solved it.

And the actor who reunited with Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana on the sets of these sequels concluded: “He’s been doing this for his entire career. And it’s pretty cool, pretty extraordinary.

Remember that we will have to wait until December 2022 to discover Avatar 2. The following episodes will then all be released two years apart. It is therefore in 2028 that Avatar 5 will land in dark rooms …

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Avatar: stephen lang discusses james cameron's ability to innovate

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