Avatar: Ryan Gosling Mocks Title Font and It’s Hilarious


In 2017, Ryan Gosling was the hero of a hilarious sketch in which he played a man traumatized by … the font of the title “Avatar”! It’s hard not to burst out laughing at these images…

Make fun of Avatar, the biggest hit of all time? Ryan Gosling dared! In 2017, the actor starred in a totally absurd Saturday Night Live skit in which he played a man obsessed with…the typeface used for the title of James Cameron’s movie!

You read that right: in this improbable sketch, Ryan Gosling is totally haunted by Avatar’s title font, Papyrus. Incomprehensible according to him that this one, accessible to all on a computer, was adopted for a blockbuster of this magnitude. An act of “laziness” that he still can’t stomach nearly ten years after the film’s release.

It’s an obsession for him. He no longer sleeps, no longer eats, brings up the subject to his shrink, who has the misfortune to tell him that suites are in the works… In short, Ryan Gosling sees Papyrus everywhere and it drives him crazy! The video, quite irresistible, is to be discovered below:

And James Cameron, what does he think of this sketch? A BBC1 journalist asked him the question during the promotion of Avatar: The Way of the Water. “It haunts me”, responds with a serious air the Canadian filmmaker, using the words of Ryan Gosling in the video of the SNL. Before quickly correcting the shot with a smile: “Not really !”

“This is very fun”continues James Cameron. “I’m just amazed they spent so much money on a little cinematic vignette. It revolves around such a thin and light concept!”

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“The funniest thing about this whole story is that I didn’t know it was the Papyrus police, nobody asked me anything”concludes the director. “For me, the art department just made this really cool font!”

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