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With almost 1.5 billion dollars in revenue worldwide, “Avatar: The Waterway” would already be reimbursed, according to a specialized site. If this were the case, the fourth and the fifth film of the saga should see the light of day.

Last November, James Cameron declared at the microphone of Variety that Avatar: The Waterway would need to gross $2 billion worldwide in order to be profitable. Today, the specialized site Puck News indicates that the second part of the SF saga, which has almost 1.5 billion greenbacks in its purse, has already been reimbursed!

If, as the Puck News reporter claims, Avatar: The Way of the Water broke even (precisely after crossing the $1.4 billion mark), then the film is considered a success. . And it would not be without consequences… The success of the second part at the box office was indeed a sine qua non condition for Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 to see the light of day (Avatar 3, already filmed, will be released in a certain way at the end 2024).

“The market could tell us that games are made in three months. Or we could be half-off, which would mean, ‘OK, we’re ending the story with a 3rd movie, and no need to ‘go further if it is not profitable'”said James Cameron last year, always for Variety.

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The market would therefore have clearly meant to Cameron that the adventures on Pandora could continue beyond Avatar 3. Good news for the Canadian filmmaker: if Puck News is right, all the new recipes garnered by The Way of the Water at from today could therefore be reinvested in the sequels.

Going further, if the new revenue from The Way of the Water (potentially high) were to be used for future films, we can think that the box office of the latter will generate a lot of fresh income. Did you say jackpot?

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