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From prisoners to the homeless and people living with disabilities – these are some of the at-risk communities hidden from public view during the pandemic. Now the health workers working with them share their stories.

Covid was a little bit outside our realm because we were in a relatively protected environment. That whole barrier of being isolated was somewhat beneficial as long as the virus stayed out of there. There was always going to be an outbreak [though]; you can only build a net, it’s never a wall, and eventually something will get through there. Now they were in a closed community where people live together, many who aren’t vaccinated, so it didn’t take long for the virus to spread.

Prison’s a little bit like a game of Jenga – not every bit of wood can go next to every bit of wood – so to move guys around takes a lot of logistics. It was really interesting trying to deliver care through a metal door which was locked. A flap would open up, a finger would come out and you’d do a set of observations, you’d do a temperature [check] and make sure they were OK at least once or two times a day.

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A man who was confined to his room at his Melbourne sharehouse and forced to go to the toilet in a bucket after being diagnosed with Covid has prompted calls for better awareness of support available for people isolating during the pandemic.

Melbourne man Qas Ansari, 37, said he was worried he would pass Covid onto his three housemates, so they sealed off his room using plastic sheeting, building an airlock over his door, and for two days he used a bucket for a toilet and did not shower.

“I understood why it needed to be done, the hardest bit was using a bucket, but if I kept using the bathroom and kitchen I would create more opportunities to get ill,” Ansari said.

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Experts urge caution over reopening







Liberals to select Porter’s replacement



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