Australia news live: Renewed calls for Biloela family to be resettled, Melbourne enters 12th day of lockdown | Australia news

I think what is “worth it” is that we do have strong border protections in this country that has made sure that we don’t have the atrocious and tragic trade of people that we saw around 10 years ago …

Of all of the courts, none have found that this family has refugee status. Therefore, they do not have a right to stay in this country.

Now, they have chosen with their lawyers to fight and contest that. Now that’s their right, but of course, that leaves them … in a place of limbo, if you like …

It’s certainly tragic what’s happened here to this young girl, but, given they have been found not to have refugee status … they really cannot stay in this country. But they also have rights here, because we are a country of rights and laws of rights to challenge and contest that, but that does take time.

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