August in series on CANAL +: the last seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and American Horror Story, The King… à la TV

August in series on canal +: the last seasons of brooklyn nine-nine and american horror story, the king… à la tv

While the summer is struggling to show, myCANAL brightens the daily life of its subscribers with a program all in series. Broadcasts in US + 24 of new, eagerly awaited seasons and new TV hits: heading for a very show-stopping August!

Find all these series via the myCANAL platform.

The new event series:

The King

Available on myCANAL and adapted from the novel The King of Warsaw by Szczepan Twardoch, The King has all the qualities to captivate you during this late summer. Taking its quarters in the Warsaw of 1937, this Polish series by Jan P. Matuszyński paints the portrait of Jakub Szapiro (Michal Zurawski). Right-hand man of socialist mafioso Buddy Kaplica (Arkadiusz Jakubik), this ruthless Jewish boxer dreams of taking his place to become the king of the capital.

He then takes Moyshe Borensztajn under his wing, a young boy in whom he sees his successor and who thinks only of one thing: avenge the death of his father. As the conflict between socialists and fascists comes to a head, Buddy and Szapiro are embroiled in a political conspiracy, and a gang war that could determine the fate of the entire country. Torn between his loyalty to his boss and his ambition, Jakub will embark on a decisive struggle for power in the streets of the city.

Dark and cinematographic fresco of Poland between the wars plagued by the underworld, The King is in the line of successes like Peaky Blinders, Unorthodox or Boardwalk Empire.

The Pembroke Murders – Monday August 30

Famous for his roles in The Three Musketeers, Beauty and the Beast, Message from the King or the last two parts of The Hobbit, Luke Evans climbs to the top of The Pembroke Murders, available from August 30 on myCANAL. Directed by Nick Stevens, this three-part mini-series brings to screen the book Catching the Bullseye Killer by Steve Wilkins and Jonathan Hill.

2006: After being promoted, Commissioner Steve Wilkins reopens two unsolved murder cases in the 1980s. Now aided by new technologies, Wilkins and his team establish a potential link between these murders and a series of burglaries committed at that time. But while John Williams Cooper, the author of these thefts, could well be a potential serial killer, he is approaching the end of his prison sentence … The clock begins to run.

Facing Luke Evans, moviegoers will surely recognize Keith Allen (Trainspotting, The Others), while series fans will be delighted to rediscover Anastasia Hille (The Fear Wanderlust), Caroline Berry (It’s a Sin, Doctor Who), Alexandria Riley ( The End of the F *** ing World), or Owen Teale (Game of Thrones, River).

US time series:

Since Monday August 9: The L Word Generation Q – Season 2

Reboot of the cult series of the 2000s, The L Word Generation Q unveils its second season since August 9 in US + 24. On the program: eight episodes punctuated by twists and the promise of a summer at full speed in the company of Sophie, Dani, Finley, Micah, José and the others.

Since Friday August 13: Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 8

As awaited as feared by fans of Peralta, Holt, Santiago, Boyle, Diaz, not to mention Hitchcock and Scully, the 8th and final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine arrives on August 13 on CANAL +. An end clap not to be missed under any circumstances, according to its so NOICE teaser!

From Monday 23 August: Work in Progress – Season 2

Semi-autobiographical series of and with Abby McEnany, Work in Progress offers you 10 new episodes from August 23, with the key to new (me) adventures for the one who describes herself as a fat and queer dyke, and who must now learn to live after a breakup.

From Thursday August 26: American Horror Story – Season 10

Ryan Murphy’s anthology and cult series, American Horror Story plays the novelty card in this 10th season with a split into two parts (entitled Red Tide and Death Valley) and a different cast for each of them. On the program, the returns of Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, and the presence of Macaulay Culkin, Matt Bomer, Kaia Gerber and Neal McDonough.

The integrals to (re) discover:

Newport Beach – Seasons 1-6

Delete Me

Schitt’s Creek – Seasons 1 to 6

Made for love

This is Us – Seasons 1 to 5


Deutschland 83-86-89


The West Wing

Killing Eve

The integrals of Original Creations:


The Legends Office

Black Baron

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