Audrey Diwan’s Event: 5 things to know about the Golden Lion of the Mostra 2021 – News …

Audrey Diwan, director of L’Evenement, won the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Mostra Festival which ended this weekend. Here are 5 things to know about this film, this director and this international award.

Audrey diwan's event: 5 things to know about the golden lion of the mostra 2021 - news...
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What is it about ?

The Event is adapted from a novel by Annie Ernaux, released in 2000. This autobiographical story relates a clandestine abortion in the 1960s.

The official synopsis of the film reads as follows: “I got pregnant like a poor girl. The story of Anne, a very young woman who decides to have an abortion in order to finish her studies and escape the social fate of her proletarian family The story of France in 1963, of a society which condemns the desire of women, and sex in general. A simple and hard story retracing the path of those who decide to act against the law. Anne has little time. in front of her, the exams are approaching, her belly is rounded … “

The film’s ambition is to get as close as possible to what his character endures, tries to put himself in the character’s skin, in particular by using scenes with an immersive camera.

Note that after After Simple Passion, by Danielle Arbid, released this summer, this is the second adaptation of a book by the novelist to arrive on the big screen. Annie Ernaud will also be at the heart of a documentary which will be released in theaters on September 29, I liked to live there by Régis Sauder.

Who is Audrey Diwan?

The Event is Audrey Diwan’s second feature film. The 41-year-old young woman, of Franco-Lebanese origin, has an eclectic background. She has notably worked as a journalist, and now devotes herself to writing and directing.

She has been the co-writer of notable projects, including Bac Nord, one of the surprise successes of this summer. She has also contributed to several of Cédric Jimenez’s previous scripts, Aux eyes de tous, La French and HHhH.

She is currently co-writing Valérie Donzelli’s new feature film.

Where does the main actress of L’Evenement come from?

At only 22 years old, Ana Vartolomei already has a rich filmography. The young actress indeed landed her first leading role in 2010, alongside Isabelle Huppert and filmmaker Eva Ionesco, in My Little Princess. We could then see her in films with varied registers, comedy (The Ideal, The Good Wife …) or the drama with Just Kids more recently, film which earned her a pre-selection for the César de the female revelation this year.

Is Audrey Diwan the first French director to receive the Golden Lion?

Audrey Diwan is the 6th woman to obtain the Golden Lion, the highest distinction of the Venice Film Festival. She succeeds Chloé Zhao (2020), Sofia Coppola (2010), Mira Nair (2001), Agnès Varda (1985) and Margarethe von Trotta (1981). Agnès Varda was until today the only Franco-Belgian filmmaker to have won this prize.

Agnès Varda had obtained it for Without roof nor law, with Sandrine Bonnaire in the main role. The latter precisely plays a role in L’Evenement, that of the mother of the young woman having recourse to a clandestine abortion.

Note that the Mostra also distinguished Jane Campion this year, who left with the Silver Lion for best achievement for the western The Power of the Dog. The directors were at the party in Venice with also Maggie Gyllenhaal, crowned best screenplay for The Lost Daughter.

This Golden Lion awarded to a female filmmaker is part of a special year, which began with the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Film for Nomadland by Chloe Zhao, and the Palme d’Or for Titane by Julia Ducournau.

When can we see the film?

The Event is dated February 2, 2022. It is rumored that its release could be brought forward but this has not been confirmed by the director, interviewed this morning on the antenna of France Inter.

By then, the film should be screened at several autumn festivals, including the Bordeaux Independent Film Festival, and the Saint Jean de Luz FIF.

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