Attack the Block: a sequel for the sci-fi nugget with John Boyega

Attack the Block: a sequel for the sci-fi nugget with John Boyega

Maximilien Pierrette

Maximilien Pierrette

Cinema journalist

Caught by the distant Star Wars galaxy at light speed, stunned by the Matrix, bewitched by 2001, enthralled by the battles of Middle-earth, frightened by the dinos of Jurassic Park… He owes some of his finest slaps to these universes which made him travel while remaining seated.

Ten years after its release, and while rumors came back regularly, “Attack the Block” will indeed know a sequel. John Boyega will be back, director Joe Cornish as well.

The alien invasion will start again in South London! While the feature film celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, Deadline reveals that a sequel to Attack the Block will see the light of day. Still directed by Joe Cornish, while John Boyega, revealed by the film, will reprise his role as Moses.

Released on the sly in France, in the heart of summer 2011, Attack the Block has seen its notoriety grow over the years. Maybe not to the point of achieving cult film status, but the number of followers has grown year after year. At the crossroads of War of the Worlds and Hate, this sci-fi nugget shows us how the teenagers of a city in the suburbs of London will repel the assaults of extraterrestrials with the means at hand.

Inventive and neat, the first opus mixed the spirit of Amblin productions, such as Gremlins or The Goonies, with a very English sensibility. On the social level in particular, when the situation of the characters was mentioned. Alongside Nick Frost, the latter were embodied by some future stars, including John Boyega but also Jodie Whittaker, who became the heroine of Doctor Who in 2017.

Co-screenwriter of Tintin and Ant-Man with Edgar Wright, who had directed him in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Joe Cornish had since signed Alex, the destiny of a king, a modern and exciting reinterpretation of the legend of the King Arthur. The sequel to Attack the Block will therefore be his third feature film as a director, and his synopsis is currently secret.

Among the strong points of “Attack the Block”: its excellent soundtrack by Basement Jaxx

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