Attack on Titan season 4: a film to conclude the animated series? – News Series

After the fourth season, currently airing on Wakanim, will an “Attack on Titan” film be released to conclude the story of the phenomenon animated series?

Attack on titan season 4: a film to conclude the animated series? - news series

What if the end of Attack on Titan wasn’t really… the end. The fourth – and last – season of the anime will deliver its conclusion in the spring, in parallel with the manga of Hajime Isayama, whose publication of the final chapter is dated in Japan for April 9. Yet, according to some rumors, the latest episode of The attack of the Titans would not however mark the end of the anime since a film would already be in preparation to follow the series! A trilogy is even mentioned according to several fan sites.

The idea would indeed be to offer the famous franchise a final worthy of the name in the cinema. Thus the manga would have time to end naturally, in order to avoid a “Game of Thrones effect” (the HBO series had overtaken the publication of the George RR Martin novels, forcing its writers to imagine their own ending).

We also imagine that the box of the film Demon Slayer, now the biggest success of all time at the Japanese box office, could give ideas to the rights holders of The attack of the Titans, while two (mediocre) live-action adaptations have already seen the light of day. It should also be remembered that an adaptation project has been developed for several years by David Heymann, the producer of Harry potter.

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The episodes of The attack of the Titans season 4 is offered every Sunday at 6:40 pm in simulcast on Wakanim; the manga (32 volumes available) is published in France by Pika.

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