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Bastien Bourlé plays Eren Jäger in Attack on the Titans, Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia or Soma in Food Wars … and he is the first guest of our new podcast dedicated to French dubbing: Voix Ouf.


In our new podcast entitled “Voix Ouf”, we highlight the world of French dubbing, in particular through the work of actors and actresses who hide behind our favorite heroes. These artists work in the shadows to give life to many characters, each one more different than the next.

With “Voix Ouf”, we want to put a spotlight on their work by exploring their universe with them. For this first issue, we have chosen to immerse you in the heart of a cult anime: Attack on Titan. The fourth and final season of the series, broadcast every Sunday on Wakanim, arouses unprecedented enthusiasm! For the occasion, we have invited the French actor who lends his voice to Eren Jäger, hero of the anime: Bastien Bourlé.

From Attack on Titan to My Hero Academia passing Food Wars, One Punch Man … and the talented star, the actor confides bluntly on his job.

  • The show is prepared and presented by Vincent Formica.
  • The columnists for this issue are Thomas Imbert and Manon Maroufi.
  • Editing: Louis Barreau.
  • Mixing and dressing: Ando Raminoson.

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