Attack on Titan on Wakanim: we finally know what has become of Ymir – news series on TV

The fourth season of “Attack on Titan”, broadcast every Sunday on the Wakanim platform, has lifted the veil on the fate of Ymir, absent from the series since the finale of the second season.

Attack on titan on wakanim: we finally know what has become of ymir - news series on tv
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Attention SPOILERS! The following goes into detail about the plot of episode 10 of the fourth season of Attack on Titan. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know anything about its content, then you are strongly recommended to stop reading this article now.

Imminent end requires, the fourth season of Attack on Titan provides answers to the few intrigues left unresolved by the animated series phenomenon. This is particularly the case with the fate of Ymir, a formerly prominent character, who has not reappeared in the anime since the finale of the second season. A member of the Exploration Brigade then led by Major Smith, the latter had finally revealed her nature as Jawbone Titan to save the life of Historia, with whom she formed more than just friendships.

Despite his dual identity as the Primordial Titan, Ymir did not belong to the team led by Reiner Braun to infiltrate the Eldian troops; her power had been obtained by accident, when as a simple titan she had devoured the previous Titan Jaw, Marcel Galliard. During the Battle of the Clash of the Titans (season 2 finale), Ymir had nevertheless helped Reiner and Berthold, trapped by the Axis power unleashed by Eren, after making sure that Historia was in the spotlight. safe from any danger.

It was not, however, a betrayal, but a form of sacrifice to redeem themselves for having devoured their friend. At the end of the battle, Ymir had decided to let himself be taken away without offering the slightest resistance, a resilience that had even moved Berthold to tears. Since this scene, the young woman had not reappeared although her death was greatly anticipated, especially since the appearance of a brand new Jaw Titan at the opening of this new season.

It was not until episode 10 that Ymir’s death was officially confirmed, news that inevitably affected his friend Historia. Having become queen of the island of Paradise, the latter appeared to us pregnant, a decision more strategic than a real desire for motherhood, since her future offspring will be able to inherit the power of the Axis and tip the scales in the war which opposes the Eldians to the Mahr Empire (not being himself of royal blood, its current holder Eren Jäger can not use the totality of the powers of the Axis).

What other revelations still have in store for us The attack of the Titans ? Which heroes will be sacrificed by this final season of the anime? A few weeks before the broadcast of the grand finale of the series (if it is indeed the real end of the anime), the suspense is at its peak!

The episodes of The attack of the Titans season 4 are offered every Sunday in simulcast on the Wakanim platform.

The trailer for the final season of Attack on Titan:

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