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It took Atlético de Madrid 35 minutes to clinch their first victory away from home. And once the victory was secured, he scored a seven against Rayo in a great display of punch. Three goals before the intermission were enough to comfortably live the rest of a game that ended with a resounding win. Rayo had not conceded any targets in the league, but Atlético’s transitions found the back of his defense again and again yesterday to show the most blurred version of him. The rojiblanca effectiveness was enormous: seven goals from ten shots on goal.



Dimitrievski, Aridane, Balliu, Lejeune, Luis Espino (Josep Chavarría, min. 81), Óscar Valentín, Álvaro García, Unai López (Pathé Ciss, min. 45), Isi (De Frutos, min. 67), Trejo (Nteka, min. 45) and De Tomás (Sergio Camello, min. 59)



Oblak, Carrasco (Samuel Lino, min. 67), Mario Hermoso, Witsel, Nahuel Molina, Savic, Saúl, De Paul (Marcos Llorente, min. 67), Pablo Barrios Rivas (Soyuncu, min. 76), Depay (Morata, min. 34) and Griezmann (Correa, min. 76)

goals 0-1 min. 2: Griezman. 0-2 min. 15: Depay. 0-3 min. 35: Nahuel Molina. 0-4 min. 72: Morata. 0-5 min. 78: Strap. 0-6 min. 83: Morata. 0-7 min. 85: Marcos Llorente.

Referee José Luis Munuera Montero

Yellow cards Isi (min. 39), Pablo Barrios Rivas (min. 49), Lejeune (min. 64), Griezmann (min. 74), Luis Espino (min. 81), Mario Hermoso (min. 86) and Balliu (min. 87)

Vallecas’ party in their first game at home, which they arrived with full victories, lasted only two minutes on the pitch. It was what Atlético took to punish Rayo in the first good play that Simeone’s men braided, as precise as they were effective. Memphis calmed him down, found De Paul released on the right and a great cross from the Argentine was sent by Griezmann into the net. The Frenchman’s first league goal, which he finished with a lot of quality, but also very alone inside the area.

Simeone opted for the young Barrios as cinco before the loss of Koke, the position in which the Argentine has said that he likes the most. But the ones that shone were the inspired De Paul and Saúl at his sides. Taking advantage of the confusion of a still groggy Rayo, Saúl unfolded on the left to assist Memphis and extend the mattress advantage in the 16th minute.

An attempt was made to shake up Francisco’s side, who had started his difficult task of replacing Iraola on the Vallecas bench very well. But they only managed to disturb Oblak in some set pieces. Not even the injury to Memphis, who had to be replaced by Morata, stopped Atlético, who scored the third goal on the next play. Argentine connection of world champions: another measured assist from De Paul and definition from Nahuel Molina to beat Dimitrievski one-on-one.

After the break, Rayo improved somewhat, but the advantage of Simeone’s men was already insurmountable. Cholo introduced relays, among which the newly summoned João Félix was not, and that was when the final firecracker came. Morata made it 0-4 taking advantage of Saúl’s second assist in the 73rd minute and Dimitrievski started the nonsense by giving Correa 0-5, who scored with a beautiful Vaseline. Correa himself opened the channel again to the Rayista defense to assist Morata, who signed the 0-6, and in a new gallop on the right Marcos Llorente joined the party with the final 0-7.

Many Rayo fans then left the stadium, and those who stayed mocked their team’s passes with olés, although they continued to cheer. For their part, Atlético with Griezmann as general captain and the best version of Saúl and De Paul does not lose ground with Real Madrid and joins the combo of pursuers with seven points out of nine, such as Girona and Barcelona.

“Rubiales, resign!”

Minutes before the presidents of the regional federations requested the resignation of Luis Rubiales, the Vallecas crowd did so, which did not forget the president of the federation, temporarily disabled for his kiss to Jenni Hermoso. The Rayista fans sang “Rubiales, resign!” at the beginning of the first part, although unlike what happened in other fields there were neither support shirts nor official messages. Hermoso played on both teams. In the previous days, the Rayista captain Trejo and his coach Francisco did have a memory for the international, just like Simeone.

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