Atlantis the Lost Empire: 10 details hidden in the Disney movie

Atlantis the Lost Empire: Return on the fantastic underwater voyage of the Disney studios towards “Atlantis, the lost empire”, and on all the easter eggs which are hidden in the film.


Atlantis the Lost EmpireWalt Disney Animation Studios

The bracelet that little Kida wears at the beginning of the film looks like two drops of water like the earring worn by Zarina in the animated film Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy. Would this jewel have traveled from one Disney to another?

Heir to Jean-Baptiste Poquelin?

Atlantis the Lost EmpireWalt Disney Animation Studios

Voiced by Patrick Timsit in the French version ofAtlantis, the lost empire, this drilling expert has French origins, as can be seen by reading his data sheet at the beginning of the film. If he calls himself Gaétan alias “La Taupe”, his real surname is none other than … Molière!


Atlantis the Lost EmpireWalt Disney Animation Studios

In the same scene, we can see that the only member of the crew whose card remains hidden is Commander Rourke (on the right of the screen). According to the two directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, this little detail is not trivial. It foreshadows the treachery and duplicity of the character, which will be revealed in broad daylight at the end of the film.

Hello !

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Don’t blink your eyes as the Ulysses submarine plunges to the bottom of the ocean if you hope you can spot that little wink. During the magnificent shot where we fly over the submersible, we can indeed very furtively notice that one of the submariners makes a little hello “to the camera”.

“Front bar, -15 °, led to 2-4-0.”

Walt Disney Animation Studios

This line, uttered by Helga Sinclair for the crew when the Odysseus has just embarked on its journey, is identical to one of the instructions given by Captain Vasily Borodin (Sam Neill) in another famous film by submarine: In pursuit of Red October.

Directors cameo

Walt Disney Animation Studios

As is very often the case in Disney feature films of the 90s and 2000s, the two directors ofAtlantis, the lost empire, Gary Trousdale and Kirk wise (to which we also owe Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) make a small animated cameo in the film. We can thus see them in submariners, when the Odysseus is attacked by the Leviathan.

Captain Nemo

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Also during the attack on Leviathan, this officer wears the same features as the most famous of the submarine captains – the legendary Nemo – as he was depicted in the 20,000 leagues under the sea of 1954, where he was played by James Mason.


Walt Disney Animation Studios

In the same sequence, one can also note that these small offensive submarines are called “Nautilus”, in reference to the legendary submersible of Captain Nemo in the work of Jules Verne, of course.

Star Trek

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Atlantis, the lost empire contains several references to the famous space saga. Indeed, the linguist Marc Okrand, famous for having created the Klingon language, also invented that of the Atlanteans in the film. Moreover, the King Nedakh, father of Kira, is voiced by Leonard Nimoy (interpreter of Spock) in the original version. Finally, the mean-spirited Commander Rourke has Tiberius as a middle name, just like Captain Kirk in Star Trek.

“Where we’re going we don’t need … a road.”

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Maybe it’s a little nod to Michael J. Fox, who plays the character of Milo Thatch in the original version of the Disney movie …Atlantis, the lost empire, on which we can see a ship rushing towards the camera and launching the final credits, is in any case identical to the one that closed the first Back to the future in 1985.

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