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Athletic’s last two visits to El Sadar, in the Cup and in the League, were frustrating for Valverde’s men, because the system that Arrasate planted neutralized any attempt from Bilbao to get close to Osasuna’s goal, but this Saturday, in the middle of the Pamplona Ferragosto The landscape changed very soon. The Williams brothers were active on the wings, they became a nightmare for the rojillo defense. Dressed in white, he did not look like the gray team that faced Real Madrid on the first day.



Aitor, Rubén Peña, Mojica, Catena, David García, Jon Moncayola, Aimar Oroz (Raul García de Haro, min. 73), Lucas Torró (Arnáiz, min. 60), Rubén García (Chimy Ávila, min. 60), Moi Gómez (Pablo Ibáñez, min. 84) and Ante Budimir



Unai Simón, Daniel Vivian, Aitor Paredes, Imanol Garcia (Benat Prados, min. 83), De Marcos (Lekue, min. 34), O. Sancet, Nico Williams, Ruiz de Galarreta, Vesga, Williams (Raúl García, min. 83) and Guruzeta (Ander Herrera, min. 64)

goals 0-1 min. 10: Williams. 0-2 min. 20: Guruzeta.

Referee José Luis Munuera Montero

Yellow cards Lekue (min. 37), O. Sancet (min. 46), Ruiz de Galarreta (min. 70) and Unai Simón (min. 94)

red cards Chimy Ávila (min. 93)

Before minute 10 Iñaki Williams had already scored, coming from behind to a cross from his brother that flew over the central defenders; A while later, Sancet made his countrymen’s hair stand on end in a personal move, and a minute later Guruzeta scored Athletic’s second after a double dribble from Nico, who left it to push.

Athletic had neutralized Osasuna’s initial push and took over the midfield, with Galarreta and Vesga. With the advanced lines he drowned the Navarrese team and was dangerously close to Aitor’s area. The first dangerous approach to Unai’s goal was disarmed by the international goalkeeper in a one-on-one with Rubén García. He would not have another Osasuna again until discount, but the cross to the far post caught Mojica in an awkward position.

After the break, the Navarrese team pressed harder at the start, and the pressure became more intense after Sancet was sent off for a double yellow card. There were many minutes ahead and the Navarrese team pressed without fuss. He occupied the wings and dedicated himself to bombarding the area with lateral centers, but in this way he facilitated their game for the central defenders, supported by the tranquility and security of Unai Simón, a colossus when it was his turn to intervene.

Enjoying at the beginning, suffering at the end, Athletic took the three points from Pamplona in a game that ended in a row after a terrifying tackle from Chimy Ávila on Berenguer already in discount.

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