At the cinema on February 7, these are the films to see: Cocorico with Christian Clavier and Didier Bourdon, Operation Portugal 2… –

At the cinema on February 7 these are the films

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Cocorico by Julien Hervé

With Christian Clavier, Didier Bourdon, Sylvie Testud…

What is it about ? About to get married, Alice and François decide to reunite their two families. For the occasion, they have an original gift for their parents: DNA tests so that everyone can discover the origins of their ancestors. But the surprise turns into a fiasco when the Bouvier-Sauvages, a large aristocratic family, and the Martins, much more modest, discover the results, to say the least… Unexpected!

Did you know ? Cocorico is Julien Hervé's first solo feature film. He co-directed Le Doudou with Philippe Mechelen in 2017 and is the screenwriter of the successful comedies Les Tuche 2, 3 and 4. “This idea of ​​a DNA test was a friend who told me that it could make a good subject for comedy. From there, I followed my intuition, a path that I had in mind which seemed to me clear and which almost obsessed me”says the director.

Daaaaaali! by Quentin Dupieux

With Anaïs Demoustier, Gilles Lellouche, Edouard Baer…

What is it about ? A French journalist meets Salvador Dali several times for a documentary project.

Did you know ? Daaaaaali! is anything but a biopic of Salvador Dalí, the subject of the film being the impossibility of telling the artist. Quentin Dupieux underlines: “Dalí is everywhere and nowhere. When I dreamed of this film, I very quickly felt that we should not make a film about Dalí but with Dalí. Trying to seek a form of freedom that his work appeals to me inspired.”

The Last Jaguar by Gilles de Maistre

Avec Lumi Pollack, Emily Bett Rickards, Wayne Charles Baker…

What is it about ? Autumn grows up in the Amazon rainforest alongside Hope, an adorable baby female jaguar she took in. But the year she turned six, a family tragedy forced Autumn and her father to return to live in New York. Eight years pass, and Autumn, now a teenager, has never forgotten her jaguar friend.

Did you know ? The Last Jaguar is indirectly linked to Mia and the White Lion and its success. Gilles de Maistre confides: “The spectators asked us for a sequel. It was unthinkable: the relationship between the young girl and the lion had ended with the end of filming, and we couldn't 'restart' it. But it made me think about another idea: use the same team to highlight this time the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and animal trafficking.”

Operation Portugal 2: Frank Cimière's castle life

With D'Jal, Grégoire Bonnet, Aurélie Boquien…

What is it about ? Hakim aka Joaquim, our clumsy and bumbling policeman, is back! He must thwart the plans of a crooked promoter: the Count of Neuville. With his friends, he infiltrates the Count's Castle but must also prepare his marriage to Julia, from whom he has hidden his mission. Nothing goes as planned…

Did you know ? Released in June 2021, Operation Portugal was a great success (more than 450,000 admissions) in a complex period for theater attendance.

Kensuke's Kingdom by Neil Boyle, Kirk Hendry

Avec Cillian Murphy, Sally Hawkins, Raffey Cassidy…

What is it about ? The incredible story of Michael, 11 years old, who went on a sailing trip around the world with his parents, before a terrible storm threw him overboard with his dog Stella. Stranded on a desert island, how to survive?

Did you know ? For the filmmakers, one of the major themes of the film is the importance of protecting and respecting the environment. “It would be wonderful if a young viewer, who discovers the film, wants to know a little more about what is happening in the world, about global warming and the actions that can be taken to remedy it”explains Neil Boyle.

Green Border de Agnieszka Holland

Avec Jalal Altawil, Maja Ostaszewska, Behi Djanati Ataï…

What is it about ? Having fled the war, a Syrian family undertakes a grueling journey to reach Sweden. On the border between Belarus and Poland, synonymous with entry into Europe, they find themselves stuck with dozens of other families, in a swampy area, at the mercy of soldiers using violent methods.

Did you know ? Agnieszka Holland got a lot of help from Behi Djanati Atai, who plays Leila, the Afghan woman. Although she is a professional actress, she also works as a casting director in France. She was the one who found Mohamed Al Rashi and Jalal Altawil, as well as Dalia, who plays Amina, Bashir's wife in the film.

Race for Glory: Audi vs Lancia by Stefano Mordini

With Riccardo Scamarcio, Daniel Brühl, Volker Bruch…

What is it about ? 1983, the rivalry is at its peak, between the Italian team Lancia, led by the charismatic Cesare Fiorio and the powerful German team Audi, led by the formidable Roland Gumpert. But it was on the field, driven respectively by Walter Röhrl and Hannu Mikkola, that their cars: the Lancia Rally 037 and the Audi Quattro.

Did you know ? The plot of Race for Glory: Audi vs Lancia was born when Riccardo Scamarcio met Cesare Fiorio, a charismatic sports director of the 70s and 80s. If the latter is the main source of inspiration for the project, the scenario does not support on written documentation, but on the direct testimony of the sports director.

The Beast by Bertrand Bonello

With Léa Seydoux, George MacKay, Guslagie Malanda…

What is it about ? In a near future where artificial intelligence reigns, human emotions have become a threat. To get rid of it, Gabrielle must purify her DNA by diving back into her past lives. There she finds Louis, her great love. But a fear invades him, the presentiment that a catastrophe is brewing.

Did you know ? The film adapts Henry James' short novel, The Beast in the Junglepublished for the first time in the collection The Better Sort in 1903. It tells the story of a man who awaits an extraordinary event that will change his entire life. He asks a woman to wait for him with him, until a tragic outcome.

Elaha de Milena Aboyan

Avec Bayan Layla, Derya Durmaz, Nazmi Kırık…

What is it about ? Elaha, a 22-year-old young woman of Kurdish origin, seeks by all means to have her hymen reconstructed, hoping to restore her innocence before her marriage. Despite her determination, doubts creep into her. Why must she appear virgin, and for whom? As a dilemma seems inevitable, Elaha is torn between respecting her traditions and her desire for independence.

Did you know ? The film tells the story of young Elaha, who fights to the point of literally giving of herself to regain her supposed “virginity”. Milena Aboyan specifies: “Yet her journey is just a small facet of what we women are exposed to regardless of our origin, religion or culture – our bodies have been observed, evaluated and controlled for centuries.”

The Little Singulars by Sonia Gerbeaud, Jan Gadermann, Meinardas Valkevičius

What is it about ? A program of 4 short films which celebrates singularity through unique and captivating characters, whose stories will help children build a model of acceptance and empathy.

Programme :

– Laika and Nemo by Jan Gadermann (Germany, 2022, 15'):

Nemo is different. He lives in the lighthouse of a seaside town and is the only one to wear a diving suit. One day, he meets Laïka, an astronaut who looks like him…

– To the happiness of Paolo by Thorsten Droessler, Manuel Schroeder (Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, 2021, 14'):

Paolo is happy – because he can cry and from his tears beautiful flowers are born. When the townspeople discover this strange power, they want to reap Paolo’s happiness…

– The Boy and the Elephant by Sonia Gerbeaud (France, 2022, 7'):

In a class, the arrival of someone new with an elephant's head triggers mockery and sarcasm. However, one of the students seems captivated and disturbed by this new friend.

– In the right place! de Meinardas Valkevičius (Lithuania 2021, 11') :

Patrick lives in a home. He hopes that one day a family will take him under their wing. One by one, the other children end up being adopted by people who look like them, except him. So Patrick waits and dreams of taking flight…

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