At the cinema on February 14, these are the films to see: Dog and Cat with Franck Dubosc, Bob Marley, Retirement Home 2… –

At the cinema on February 14 these are the films

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Retirement home 2 of Claude Zidi Jr.

With Kev Adams, Jean Reno, Daniel Prévost…

What is it about ? When the Lino Vartan home – which welcomes young orphans and seniors – has to close for health reasons, Milann has no other choice but to respond to the invitation from a retirement home in the South which welcomes them for the summer. Everyone boards Alban's bus.

Did you know ? Released in theaters on February 16, 2022, Retirement Home has achieved more than 2 million admissions. Co-writer, producer and performer Kev Adams explains: “But what’s crazy is that Retirement Home continued its journey afterwards: we sold more than 100,000 DVDs, it’s a record and it seems crazy in this day and age!”

Madame Web by SJ Clarkson

Avec Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor…

What is it about ? Cassandra Web is a Manhattan paramedic who is said to be able to see into the future. Forced to face revelations about her past, she forms a relationship with three young women destined for an extraordinary future… if they manage to survive a deadly present.

Dog and Cat by Reem Kherici

With Franck Dubosc, Reem Kherici, Philippe Lacheau…

What is it about ? Diva, famous cat star of social networks and Chichi, street dog, lose their respective masters. Then begins a crazy journey between Montreal and New York with on one side humans who have lost track of their animals and on the other, the animals left to their own devices to find their masters…

Did you know ? Dog and Cat is Reem Kherici's third film as director, after Paris at All Prices in 2013 and Jour D in 2017. She explains how this adventure comedy came to be known: “This film is quite simply the dream I’ve had since I was 7: to make animals talk.”

Bob Marley: One Love de Reinaldo Marcus Green

With Lashana Lynch, Kingsley Ben-Adir, James Norton…

What is it about ? Bob Marley: One Love celebrates the life and music of an icon who inspired generations through his message of love and unity. For the first time on the big screen, discover the powerful story of Bob Marley, his resilience in the face of adversity, the path that led him to his revolutionary music.

Did you know ? Finding Bob Marley's interpreter was a long and difficult step. Finally, Ziggy Marley found him in the person of Kingsley Ben-Adir, seen in the Netflix series The OA, One Night in Miami and Barbie. The actor emphasizes that he would not have agreed to participate in the film if Bob Marley's family had not been involved.

Living by Alix Delaporte

With Alice Isaaz, Roschdy Zem, Vincent Elbaz…

What is it about ? Gabrielle, 30, must very quickly find her place within a team of great reporters. Driven by their passion for the search for truth, their sense of humor and solidarity, they will try everything to rediscover the faith of their beginnings and reinvent themselves.

Did you know ? After Angèle and Tony and The Last Hammer Shot, Alix Delaporte is interested in a new form of family: the one we create at work. She explains : “Inspired by the very beginnings of my professional life at the Capa agency, with a distance but an intact attachment, I tell the story of a “troop” of reporters who try to resist the upheavals of their profession. “

The imaginary Molière by Olivier Py

With Laurent Lafitte, Stacy Martin, Bertrand de Roffignac…

What is it about ? Paris, February 17, 1673. Like every evening, Molière takes the stage of the Palais-Royal theater to play The Imaginary Sick. This will be his last performance.

Did you know ? Several actors have already slipped into the shoes of the famous playwright in the cinema. Among them, Philippe Caubère in Molière (1978) by Ariane Mnouchkine, Bernard Giraudeau in Marquise (1997) by Véra Belmont and Romain Duris in Molière (2007) by Laurent Tirard.

Dark Night in Anatolia by Özcan Alper

Avec Berkay Ateş, Taner Birsel, Sibel Kekilli…

What is it about ? Ishak lives alone in the province of Anatolia and earns his living playing the lute in a nightclub. One day, he has to go to his mother's bedside in his native village, which he had to leave suddenly 7 years previously. Back in his village, Ishak is confronted with everyone's hostility as well as the torments of his own past.

Did you know ? The things that Özcan Alper saw, read and observed in his own country can be considered the first seeds of this cinematic project: “Every issue has become a nationalist issue and it now seems entirely normal that overtly racist and conflict-provoking books such as Hitler's Mein Kampf populate the bestseller lists.”

Without Ever Knowing Us by Andrew Haigh

With Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Jamie Bell…

What is it about ? In London, Adam lives in a tower block where most of the apartments are unoccupied. One night, the monotony of his daily life is interrupted by his meeting with a mysterious neighbor, Harry. As the two men grow closer, Adam is assailed by memories of his past and returns to the suburban town where he grew up.

Did you know ? Without Ever Knowing Us is inspired by the novel Presences of a summer by Japanese Taichi Yamada, published in 1987 before being translated into English in 2003. In June 2017, producers Graham Broadbent and Sarah Harvey presented their adaptation project to the author and his family. Once the agreement was obtained, they sent the book to Andrew Haigh, with whom they had wanted to collaborate for a long time.

20 000 species of bees from Estibaliz Urresola Solagu

With Sofía Otero, Patricia López Arnaiz, Ane Gabarain…

What is it about ? Cocó, eight years old, has a hard time knowing who she is. During a summer spent among the hives of the Basque Country, she awakens her singularity among the women of her family, themselves prey to doubt. In a world where there are 20,000 different species of bees, there must be an identity that corresponds to Cocó…

Did you know ? To find Cocó's interpreter, Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren saw 500 little girls. She met Sofía Oter at the start of the auditions and immediately imagined her in the role of one of the poor girls in the film. The director explains: “She was very good at improvising, but she didn’t fit the idea I had of Cocó at the beginning.”

Love Never Ends de Han Yan

Tony Leung – Ka Fai (Official Music Video)

What is it about ? Chang Weijie, a lonely old retiree with a strong character, doesn't let anyone dictate his behavior. One day, as he begins his daily walk in the nearby park, Weijie has an impromptu and explosive encounter with “Miss Ru”, a poor but proud and dignified woman, whom he fails to intimidate.

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