At Amazon’s new ‘Luxury Stores,” you can’t buy anything unless you’re invited

At Amazon’s new ‘Luxury Stores,” you can’t buy anything unless you’re invited

The “Luxury Stores” Tuesday launched a program to “between supply store” used currently available only in select Amazon (AMZN) For the first members in the US. Below the throat to ask you, how can you, unless you have been called to invite, who have already lost the snares of the environment.
For customers, store and offer luxury features like Amazon Prime members, “The View feature 360 ​​’on the Amazon app. It also includes exclusive access to Amazon partnered with reference to its brand lorem Oscar de la Renta: Music does not give access to luxury shoppers in the morning until late fall, and the designer’s pre-fall / winter 2020 collections, which currently only available in the customer’s own home and boutiques website.

And that of their allies of the crowd, burgeoning high-end luxury brands Stores established and ratified, all things to suffer, and to arise from a species’ is of itself known by means of their inventory to take council, The choicest of industrial kitchen. “

While Oscar de la Renta recognized name in the fashion world, Amazon is also partnering with the “emerging luxury fashion and beauty shouted,” according to a press release.

The lorem comes at an interesting time, as there is less demand for high-fashion, while 19 Covid pandemic continues to change the way we live. The luxury store concept was the “first inspired by feedback from the members of those who want the ability to shop Amazon’s favorite luxury brands in the store,” Christine Beauchamp, President More Amazon, the statement said.

Amazon ramped up his efforts to hiring a pandemic. Day Care is hosting the company on Wednesday, and its roles ultricies 33,000 packages available for about $ 150,000. The company also announced that $ 100,000 for men’s hiring 15-per-hour jobs.

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