Astrid and Raphaëlle on France 2: Sara Mortensen explains the particularity of Astrid’s approach

Astrid and Raphaëlle on France 2: Sara Mortensen explains the particularity of Astrid’s approach

While the channel broadcasts tonight two new unpublished series, the interpreter of Astrid returns to a characteristic detail of his character, autistic Asperger brought to collaborate with a police captain (Lola Dewaere) in his investigations.

In Astrid and Raphaëlle, season 2 of which airs every Friday at 9:05 p.m. on France 2, Sara Mortensen plays Astrid, a criminal documentalist and Asperger’s autism, alongside Lola Dewaere, a police commander who will quickly notice the potential for observation and deduction outside the standards of the young woman to make a precious ally … but also a friend.

Very attached to representing autism in a realistic way through her character, Sara Mortensen has notably worked a lot on Astrid’s body language and speech, by going to meet associations and people with autism.

“I met people directly concerned with autism, I attended talk groups. So I listened a lot and I did a kind of mix. I noticed that there was a strong articulation of words sometimes and the choice of words is also very important, because they mean something“, she confides to the site Leisure TV.

The actress has also adopted a particular approach for Astrid, giving her a slight characteristic limp. “When they are small, many autistic children walk on tiptoe and are followed by orthopedists to learn to walk with the heel on.”, she decrypts.

When we walk, we put our heel on first and then our toe. Autistic people, since they are tiptoeing, when they are going to walk, they are going to put the tip of the foot first, because that’s the first thing to put down, and then the heel. So in fact they are walking backwards (…)I found it interesting to keep this little detail for Astrid. “

Sometimes, she explains, walking can be awkward for people with autism because they may have difficulty visualizing their bodies in space. “This is also why Astrid has the index and middle fingers of his right hand glued together, because they work together. She failed to take them off.

We know that we cannot achieve unanimity on a subject such as the question of autism, but we are very vigilant about what we say around this about the character of Astrid, nourished by our meetings with autistic people“, confided the screenwriter and co-creator of the series Alexandre de Seguins.”And from the start, there was this idea of ​​including autistic people in the process.. “

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