Arthur, curse: this horror film by Besson is inspired by a clandestine activity…

In “Arthur, malediction”, a group of friends who are fans of “Arthur and the Minimoys” by Luc Besson go to the house where the film was shot. But nothing goes as planned…

You grew up with the trilogy Arthur and the Invisibles and are you a fan? Prepare to tremble before Arthur, curse !

In this horror film prohibited for children under 12, Alex is a fan of the Arthur and the Minimoys movies. For her birthday, her best friends surprise her by taking her to the abandoned house where the film was shot. None of them suspects that they are heading towards a Machiavellian and deadly trap. What was once a childhood dream will soon turn into a real nightmare…

Written and produced by Luc Bessonthe feature film is directed by Barthelemy Grossmannto whom we owe 13m2 (2007), season 2 of Thugs in 2014 and 2 episodes of the series No Limit.

This film, shot in found foutage as The Blair Witc Projecth, is worn by young actors Vadim Agid, Lola Andreoni, Matthew Berger, Thalia Besson, Marceau-Ebersolt, Yann Mendy, Mikael Halimi and Jade Pedro.

While writing this horrifying version, Luc Besson noticed that there were many urbex (urban exploration) videos of fans going to discover the filming locations of Arthur and the Minimoys. He therefore started from this phenomenon for the scenario of his film.

The house: a character in its own right

For more than 15 years, the house of Arthur and the Minimoys has indeed been visited and filmed from every angle. She has become a character in her own right.

Arthur, curse: this horror film by besson is inspired by a clandestine activity...

Arthur, curse

If in the 2006 film carried by Freddie Highmore and mia farrow, Archibald’s house is supposed to be in Connecticut, the house is actually in France, in the small town of La Trinité-des-Laitiers, in Normandy. Region where Luc Besson resides and where he shot a good number of his productions (Jeanne D’Arc, Adele Blanc-sec…).

For the second part of the trilogy Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazardthe production designer Hugues Tissandier and his teams extended the already existing part by 40,000m² and created a complete village next to the house: a church, shops, a supermarket, a garage, a hardware store, a police station, a cinema and a fountain. ..

The house is now abandoned and regularly visited by urban explorers.

Urbex: what is it?

Urbex, which stands for urban exploration, is a practice of visiting man-made places that have been abandoned. The horror movie The Deep house released last summer, moreover showed 2 urbex fans going to visit a sunken house.

This clandestine activity is prohibited in some places because it is done without authorization, especially since it often involves going to discover places that are difficult to access and often dangerous.

Arthur, curse: this horror film by besson is inspired by a clandestine activity...

Arthur, curse

Visiting abandoned places is not a recent phenomenon, but this practice gained momentum in the 2000s with the possibility of filming oneself and broadcasting one’s videos on the Internet.

The number of urban explorers continues to grow and urbex has even become a business since travel agencies offer guided tours of abandoned places.

The house of Archibald, Arthur’s grandfather in Luc Besson’s saga, quickly attracted urbex moviegoers. Many videos showing the house from elsewhere are available on the Internet.

We discover the decrepit house and the almost empty interior. The mouseholes (for use by Minimoys), objects from the Bogo Matassalaï tribe and the carcass of Arthur’s grandmother’s (Mia Farrow) Chevrolet are still present. The trees in the garden are still covered with fabric flowers.

Some videos (like the one presented above) reveal behind the scenes of the house: secret passages, fake fireplaces, sets, actors’ seats and even fake fittings (the use of English sockets instead of American sockets)…

So many objects left behind more than 12 years after the filming ofArthur 3 The War of the Two Worlds (one of the rules of the urbex being to leave everything in place) and which could therefore be used again for Arthur, Curse. A film that will certainly make urbex fans want to stop their explorations…

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