Arsenal celebrate Arsenal beat Portsmouth to reach FA Cup quarter-finals

Arsenal celebrate Arsenal beat Portsmouth to reach FA Cup quarter-finals

Arsenal celebrate Arsenal beat Portsmouth to reach FA Cup quarter-finals

Arsenal celebrated their sixth FA Cup victory with a game against Portsmouth on Tuesday night. However, the conclusion of the first leg in March left many Arsenal fans disappointed that the Gunners were forced to lose the tie in the fifth round despite being the underdog. The supporters were unsure of how their team would fare in this competition after having just been knocked out of the Champions League and many still did not believe that Arsene Wenger’s side could contend for the Premier League title with their form this season.

Nevertheless, the club’s support was quite happy with their team’s performance against an entire team. Their side was composed of some of the best players in the world. The Gunners had not lost any of their matches until the fourth round, and even then they had only lost to West Ham United.

Arsenal celebrated
Arsenal celebrate Arsenal beat Portsmouth to reach FA Cup quarter-finals 2

For the most part, Arsene Wenger’s team was comprised of the best players from across Europe. There were five German internationals in the team that faced Portsmouth, and they were also joined by two Brazilians and two Englishmen, namely Frank Lampard and Glenn Hoddle. There were also several other European footballers on the roster as well.

The German midfielder Muhamed Darbi scored in the first half for Arsenal, and Arsenal’s second goal came from a corner kick by Bruce Grobbelaar, who was substituted after playing the final three minutes. Lampard was awarded a penalty, which he converted in the third minute of stoppage time to make it 1-1.

However, Arsenal’s efforts were almost wasted after the game as they were denied a possible penalty when Jim Leighton’s handball went unavenged. A penalty against this team could have been an utter nightmare for the Gunners’ supporters, and they had even given their team a chance to make amends.

The highlight of the game for many fans was when a famous Premier League player became a ‘famous’ face in one of their shirts. This celebrity came in the form of Sir Alex Ferguson, who came on as a substitute and gave his side a bit of inspiration.

For many players, the official celebration for the victory came once the game was over. Denis Saun, the Arsenal goalkeeper, stole the show. He grabbed the fans attention and grabbed one of the beer glasses of those who had made the trip to the game.

After getting into the spotlight, he was thanked by fans and was given his own piece of paper to sign. He signed the paper and was given a standing ovation by the thousands who had turned out to see the legend.

For many fans, the moment that Denis Saun was given his big moment came right at the end of the game. However, this was only because he had brought down Andre Santos, who were in the Arsenal goal and the referee decided that he was fouled by his team mate, although it was a lot less serious than the reaction of an official in a British pub.

In the end, despite the disappointment of Arsenal losing, the fans had put their money where their mouth was and had bought Saun’s shirt, which he wore for the rest of the game. He admitted afterwards that the shirt did feel real, and he had not forgotten the cheers and jeers that he had heard as he tried to do his job.

Even though the opposition team had a much more illustrious history, it had not stopped fans from wearing their Saun shirts into the pub to make sure that Denis Saun was given his rightful place in the pantheon of famous faces. However, this can be said for every single Arsenal fan in this country, who enjoyed their big win over the club from Portsmouth.

In fact, this victory does not come as a surprise to many football fans. Despite the club’s poor form this season, many of the Gunners’ fans are still confident that they will be playing Champions League football next season.

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