Arrosto Chicken Delivery Brand | Eat & Drink

Arrosto Chicken Delivery Brand | Eat & Drink

Over the past year many chicken delivery brands have popped up and the trend is still trending with the team at Quality Chop House now getting into the action. Nick Bramham, Head of Quality Wines, runs Arrosto, which will serve Italian herb-dried spit roast whole or half-bird. You can also get chicken on skewers with anchovy, salsa verde and nduja condiments; breaded and fried in a Milanese sandwich with peppers and provolone; in a piadina flatbread with broccoli and burrata; and in a chicken and bread salad inspired by the cult dish from San Fran’s Zuni Cafe. They even put dripping chicken in the potatoes. CLUCK YEAH.

Eggplant parmigiana is the main vegetarian option, with side dishes also including winter tomatoes, ripassata broccoli and a green salad, with house ice cream and blood orange sorbet to complete the full Italian experience.

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Started on Thursday, January 14, 2021

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