Army of the Dead on Netflix: what is Zack Snyder's new zombie movie worth?  - Cinema News

Army of the Dead on Netflix: what is Zack Snyder’s new zombie movie worth? – Cinema News

Almost twenty years after his first film “Army of the Dead”, Zack Snyder returns to the world of zombies with “Army of the Dead” on Netflix. Successful return?


Taking advantage of a zombie attack in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries take the gamble of venturing into the quarantine zone to attempt the most spectacular heist of all time.

To discover now exclusively on Netflix.


For the role of Scott Ward, a tough guy with a soft heart, Zack Snyder has thought of Dave Bautista. The former wrestler, a big fan of zombie films, was seduced by the role both for the action scenes and for the more intimate sequences, the opportunity for him to display his range of acting.

The rest of the cast is not left out: an international cast has indeed been assembled by the filmmaker with in particular the Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera (Power), the German Matthias Schweighöfer (Resistance), the Japanese Hiroyuki Sanada (Lost) or the French Nora Arnezeder (Riviera) in the role of a bad-ass woman as charismatic as it is intriguing.

Finally the comic guarantee of the film is provided by Theo Rossi, well known to fans of Sons of Anarchy, and Tig Notaro: the American comedian, seen in Star Trek: Discovery and One Mississippi, has also returned to post-production. scenes from actor Chris D’Elia, cut from the film after being accused of sexual assault on minors.


Army of the Dead is an event in more ways than one for Zack Snyder. Marking the end of a multi-year collaboration with the studios DC Comics (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League), the new Netflix feature film also marks the filmmaker’s return to the zombie universe, almost twenty years after the release of his very first film: Army of the Dead .

The resonance of the titles of Army of the dead and Army of the Dead suggests a possible connection between the two films, but this is just a coincidence: although both directed by Zack Snyder, these two zombie films have no connection whatsoever. Let us recall all the same that several prequel ofArmy of the Dead will see the light of day: a film – Army of Thieves – devoted to the past of Dieter (the German vault breaker) and Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, an animated series on the origin of the virus.

Sold as a testosterone action movie, Army of the Dead is sort of a cross between Ocean’s Eleven and Aliens le retour; among other assumed references, Snyder’s film advocates efficiency over originality, for an exhilarating result and on the whole very well executed.


But Army of the Dead is not just an action comedy. Although developed many years ago, the film was picked up as Zack Snyder suffered a family tragedy: the suicide of his daughter. Still deeply marked by this loss, the filmmaker seems to have drawn on this painful episode to conceive the moving father / daughter relationship that links the characters of Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) and Kate (Ella Purnell).

If it turns out to be rather effective in form, the film nevertheless suffers from an important problem of rhythm. Besides an excessive duration (2h20!), Army of the Dead relies on a laborious scenario; stereotypical and unsubtle characters are added to overly agreed-upon situations. If the plot does not take a detour to set up quickly, we will regret not being more surprised by the unfolding of the adventures and the too predictable kills of the characters …

So no Army of the Dead isn’t a great movie movie, or even the best movie directed by Zack Snyder. But as a popcorn blockbuster, the feature film is sure to prove effective, both for zombie fans and for heist movie aficionados. Despite an air of déjà vu, the film still brings a certain dose of satisfaction.

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