Army of the Dead on Netflix: "Las Vegas is both heaven and hell" for Zack Snyder

Army of the Dead on Netflix: “Las Vegas is both heaven and hell” for Zack Snyder

Director Zack Snyder and his performers Dave Bautista and Nora Arnezeder tell us about the film “Army of the Dead”, to be discovered now exclusively on Netflix.

Army Of The Dead

Army Of The Dead

Released on

May 21, 2021


2h 28min

Zack Snyder

Dave Bautista,
Ella Purnell,
Omari hardwick,
Ana de la Reguera,
Theo Rossi

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“Las Vegas is both hell and heaven!” Zack Snyder tells us about his brand new zombie movie Army of the Dead, made for the Netflix platform. A big fan of horror movies himself, Dave Bautista returned to our microphone on his very first experience as a lead actor in a blockbuster, while French actress Nora Arnezeder made no secret of his pleasure in collaborating. with the filmmaker of Watchmen and 300.

Our interview with the director and his two performers can be found above!

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