Are you geeks? These 5 Hollywood stars too!

From Henry Cavill to Margot Robbie via Oscar Isaac, focus on 5 Hollywood stars who are particularly geeky at heart.

You may have this little geek side in you, this ultra-passionate side for a film, a saga, a series or a character, this gentle madness for a work that can almost turn into an obsession. This XXL fan thing that makes your loved ones smile but that you take very seriously. Rest assured, you are not alone! You are even millions and among these millions of geeks, we find some Hollywood stars like Henry Cavill, Margot Robbie or Oscar Isaac… The proof by five.

Vin Diesel

Are you geeks These 5 Hollywood stars too
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Did you know that Vin Dieselthe star of the saga Fast and Furious, was a beautifully crafted geek? The American actor is a big fan of JRR Tolkieninspired by the work of the Briton for the film The Last Witch Hunterreleased in theaters in 2015.

Vin Diesel is also passionate about the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, which he has been practicing for more than three decades. In 2015, the Hollywood star didn’t rule out starring in the film Dungeons & Dragons then in preparation (film which will be released in theaters in March 2023). “They came to me about it in the past, but I was too busy at that time,” said the bodybuilder comedian at the microphone of Cinemablend. “To make a Dungeons & Dragons movie, I think they have to be very careful, because it has to be amazing.”

Oscar Isaac

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Oscar Isaac is best known for his role as pilot Poe Dameron in the latest films Star Wars. Integrating the famous intergalactic saga has been an immense happiness for the actor, a big fan of the universe created by george lucas.

He’s not the only Star Wars fan in his family. The actor thus revealed to laugh that his uncle had almost died when he learned that he was going to shine in the franchise. We will conclude the geek portrait of Oscar Isaac by indicating that he is also a fervent fan of the Street Fighter video game.

Margot Robbie

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His character ofharley quinn is adored by millions of fans, some of whom go so far as to imitate him in cosplay mode. She it’s Margot Robbie, and she’s a damn geek at heart. During an interview on the Graham Norton Show, the Australian actress declared that she was an absolute fan ofHarry Potter. To the point of lying to his ophthalmologist to, at the age of twelve, wear glasses similar to those of the little wizard of Hogwarts.

For the anecdote, the magic of Harry Potter even follows Margot Robbie in the private sphere. Her husband, Tom Ackerkleywas indeed appearing on the first three films of the saga.

Daniel Radcliffe

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Unforgettable interpreter ofHarry Pottera character that fascinated many geeks, Daniel Radcliffe is also one, but a bit late! The British actor is thus completely crazy about Star Wars, a passion, it is quite interesting to note, that he discovered with the last three films of the intergalactic saga.

Daniel Radcliffe quickly engulfed all the franchise’s feature films after seeing the latest installments. If he became such a fan, it may also be because, being friends with some of the actors, he was able to have the privilege of going to the set of the Force Awakens.

“I’m a new Star Wars fan. I may have had Star Wars’ worst nightmare.Harrison Ford arriving a bit like “these films are so cool”, because I had just discovered them”, laughed Radcliffe on MTV in 2014. “JJ Abrams also looked at me as if for a second he wanted to kill me. They were very nice.”

Henry Cavill

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embodiment of Superman (a reference for geeks) on the big screen, the British actor Henry Cavillseen recently in the credits of the Netflix series The Witcher, is passionate about video games. He also loves building computers and, more advanced, paints Warhammer figurines, which are part of the famous fantasy universe created in the 80s. A real geek.

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