Are foldable really ‘the new mainstream’ for smartphones?

Are foldable smartphones really the new mainstream?

Mobile chief TM Roh however, made an interesting comment, insisting that foldable smartphones are “the new mainstream.” This is the question we thought we would ask our readers through the poll below.

Are foldables really 'the new mainstream' for smartphones?
Are foldable really ‘the new mainstream for smartphones?

The price of Samsung’s latest foldable has fallen compared to last. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 retails at $999, compared to the Z Flip 5G’s launch price of $1,450. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 costs $1,799, compared to the Z Flip 5G’s launch price of $1,450. The Z Flip 3’s cost is lower than the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and it’s on par with S21 Plus. These new smartphones are also water-resistant, which is in line with premium flagships.

These foldable phones have some drawbacks; however, they may prevent widespread acceptance. Although both Samsung phones have their foldable displays strengthened, they aren’t as durable as conventional smartphones’ screens due to the absence of a Gorilla Glass cover. The Z Fold 3 is more expensive than the S21 Ultra, at around $600.

If you have any additional information, you can still vote in the poll and leave a comment.

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