Arcane: Everything You Need To Know To Watch The League Of Legends Animated Series On …

Everything you need to know about the “Arcane” animated series, derived from the “League of Legends” universe, to follow every weekend exclusively on Netflix!

Broadcast since Sunday, November 7 on Netflix, the animated series Arcane continues to be talked about on social networks. Derived from the League of Legends universe, this new original production was designed in collaboration with the French animation studio Fortiche.

Full of winks and references to the video game from which it is inspired, Arcane is also a series designed for an audience that has not played LoL. Here is all the information you need to enjoy this series, the last three episodes of which will be offered next Sunday on Netflix!


Champions of their twin cities and rivals (the posh Piltover and the underground Zaun), two sisters Vi and Powder fight in a war raging magical technologies and diametrically opposed perspectives.


Vi is a pink haired champion who had a difficult childhood. His pure heart nevertheless allowed him to remain a righteous person. Small criminal in the streets of Zau, she will embrace the destiny of protector of peace in Piltover.

Jinx is the sister of Vi, with a complex personality. Endowed with a remarkable intelligence, her traumatic past could make her a formidable villain.

Jayce is known as the defender of future generations Piltover. This former inventor has become an influential political leader.

Caitlyn kiramman is the black sheep of his family who constantly struggles to try to emancipate himself. She loves her family, but finds it difficult to be privileged simply because of her eldest status.

Arcane: everything you need to know to watch the league of legends animated series on...


Mel Medarda is the daughter of one of the most powerful families in Runeterra. In Piltover, she found her place as the town leader and this success has caught the attention of her family, for better and for worse.

Viktor was born in Zaun, but his gifts enabled him to move to Piltover. He partners with Jayce to invent hexech, but his illness pushes him to test the limits of what new technology can offer humans.

Vander is an influential figure in the underworld of Zaun; its main objective is to protect the townspeople from the formidable militias of Piltover.

Silco sacrificed everything, including his own soul, to fulfill his dreams of domination. Jinx’s former mentor, he is responsible for who she is today.

Heimerdinger is a Yordle, a race of spirits taking the form of small mammals. He is also one of Piltover’s oldest scientists, being over 300 years old. Jayce was his apprentice.

Grayson seeks at all costs to maintain peace in the region, but the tensions emanating from the twin cities are increasingly difficult to manage.

Marcus is Grayson’s second in command. Often sympathetic to ruthless tactics, her main goal is to keep her daughter safe.

Arcane: everything you need to know to watch the league of legends animated series on...

The two heroines of the ‘Arcane’ series: Vi and Jinx


Can fans of anime series who have never played League of Legends watch Arcane without having any knowledge of this fantastic universe ?. The creators of the series, Christian Linke and Alex Yee, revealed during an interview that they wanted to do something completely independent so that it is accessible to the greatest number:

Right from the start, we’ve tried to create a great story that centers around characters that you can relate to no matter how familiar you are with the game.

Alex Yee goes on to explain what genre Arcane falls into and how their job has been to make the series accessible to any animation fan:

What I would say to people new to League of Legends is that this is fantasy, but we wanted a more dynamic and modern approach to fantasy. […] We’ve always wanted the series to be accessible to everyone, no matter how familiar you are with the game.

The animated series Arcane can be found now on Netflix (6 episodes available); the last three episodes of the program will be offered this weekend exclusively on the platform.

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