Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat arcade machine on white background.

However if you are looking for PS5 Cyber ​​Monday deals or Xbox Series S. arcade1up mortal Kombat The Cyber ​​Monday price of the arcade machine is only $300, which is a huge savings of $400 off the regular price of $700. Free delivery is also included, which makes a nice free gift for such an unsightly addition to your game room.

Why should you buy Arcade1Up? mortal Kombat arcade machine

However, you won’t find them ranked among the 50 best video games of all time mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat IIAnd Mortal Kombat III This arcade machine has special gaming attractions. and origin mortal Kombat Probably doesn’t sit too far out of those top 50, as it was a cultural revolution in the 1990s and took fighting games to a whole new level. You can sit down and play these games arcade style, and even experience them with some modern upgrades. Powerful processors deliver sharp graphics on the 17-inch high-resolution screen, and integrated speakers with adjustable volume blast each battle on the machine’s original artwork.

But the retro thrill won’t end mortal Kombat With this machine. Also includes arcade classics like violent conduct, the White House, Rootbeer TapperAnd guard, In fact, there’s an entire assortment of Midway classics, and the arcade machine sets you up for two-player action with a joystick-centric control panel on each side. The machine can connect to WiFi and post your scores to the leaderboard via the companion app. It comes in at just under 70 pounds, and although it will fit nicely on the side of any room, it will also move around somewhat easily if you find a better spot for it within your game room or man cave.

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While arcade1up mortal Kombat While the arcade machine’s price may seem a bit high at its regular price of $700, with this Cyber ​​Monday deal at Amazon it’s a bit of a steal. You can add it to your entertainment stock for just $300, which is a savings of $400.

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