Apple used this free iPhone app to shoot Monday’s Scary Fast…

Apple used this free iPhone app to shoot Mondays Scary

Behind the scenes: An Apple event shot on iPhone

Apple surprised many when it revealed that Monday’s Scary Fast event was shot entirely on an iPhone – the iPhone 15 Pro Max, to be exact.

The 30-minute stream, which showcased Apple’s new M3 chips and new Macs, was particularly straightforward, and the excellent picture quality and impressive production values ​​gave no indication that the $1,200 smartphone camera was doing all the work. .

Of course, Apple has also deployed pro-level moviemaking kit like drones, dollies, cranes and lighting – not to mention a highly skilled crew – to give the footage a professional look before it’s sent off for editing… Using a Mac, of course.

But instead of using the iPhone’s somewhat rudimentary camera app for the shoot, the production team chose Blackmagic Design’s recently released Blackmagic Camera app, which comes with its advanced cameras as well as its popular video editing software DaVinci Resolve. Known for.

The powerful Blackmagic Camera app offers a number of pro-level features to help you get exactly the shot you want, offering full control over things like frame rate, shutter speed, white balance, and ISO.

As you’re shooting, you can see histograms, focus peaking, levels, frame guides and more, though if you want a clear view of what’s in the frame, you can delete the data in a single swipe.

With the Blackmagic Camera app, you can work in 16:9 or vertical aspect ratio, but – and this is a small feature – it also lets you shoot 16:9 while holding the phone vertically, if you want. It is useful if you want. Capture some footage without any interruptions.

In fact, the Blackmagic Camera has so many features that many people may prefer using the iPhone’s simple camera app to shoot videos. However, for those looking for more professional features, it is definitely worth a look.

And one of the best things about the software is that you can download it for free from Apple’s App Store.

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