Apple’s October Mac launch event was shot on … an iPhone?!

The final card of the Apple Scary Fast event shows that the event was shot on an iPhone.

Apple always talks big about the videography capabilities of the latest iPhone – and tonight it put its money where its mouth is. At the end of the “Scary Fast” event where it unveiled the new Macs, Apple subtly told us that the entire 30-minute video was “shot on an iPhone and edited on a Mac.”

The latter part is not surprising at all. but shooting a Complete The Apple event on the iPhone 15 Pro Max – even a low-result one like this – is frankly incredible. Although taking the iPhone’s output and turning it into this level of finished product requires a lot of fancy graphics and editing magic, don’t get too carried away with them, it’s a nice flex. Even the unnecessary swooping drone shots were shot on phones – that’s the dedication.

Does this mean you and your friends can break out some iPhone 15s tomorrow evening and shoot a TV-worthy production? not good. I can only imagine the number of people and the amount of supporting gear involved in shooting this product launch event with just a few of the scenes. I bet it requires more than a simple 14-inch MacBook Pro, even with its powerful new M3 chip.

But it’s certainly a great demonstration of what a phone’s hardware can do if put in the right hands. There are plenty of companies that will do this Strike To prepare a product launch video like Apple did with its October Mac event, and Apple did just that phone with camera, Appreciation.

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