Apple Releases IOS 13.2 update with Deep Fusion

Apple Releases IOS 13.2 update with Deep Fusion

Apple has released its latest IOS 13.2 and IPadOS 13.2 versions for both the iPhone and iPad. In this 13.2 update, Apple has worked on all the security improvements and fixed lots of bugs as per the user’s request.

Apart from these bugs fixes, Apple has also added some new features to its Operating System, which are helpful for their iPhone & iPad users. 

Apple Releases IOS 13.2 update with Deep Fusion
Apple Releases IOS 13.2 update with Deep Fusion

Firstly, in this new IOS 13.2 update, it has included lots of new emoji’s that people love to use. Along with that, the iPhone now officially supports Unicode 12.0 as well.

If you’re an emoji lover, who loves to use all hand-holding emoji’s from your iPhone? Then you can now create almost all possible combinations of hand-holding couple emoji regardless of skin tone or gender.

In the latest IOS 13.2 update, iPhone is having new accessibility focused emojis such as prosthetic arms, legs, service dog, people using wheelchairs, the person doing activities and more. Along with these, you can also find out new animal emojis such as the yawning face, eating food, and animal expressions.

The other cool feature in the latest IOS 13.2 update is Deep Fusion. This feature works, only if you have an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro with IOS 13.2 update installed on it. 

The Deep Fusion is all about the neural image processing. Deep Fusion feature makes your photos look great with the help of machine learning-enabled neural image processing.

While using this feature, you can now change the resolution and frame rate of your videos directly in the camera app itself.

If you are iPhone users, who want to opt-out of sharing Siri recordings with Apple employees and deleting your history and Siri recordings? Then you can do that in IOS 13.2 update.

For that you have to follow below steps:

  • Go to Settings Page
  • Click on the Privacy Tab.
  • Open Analytics and Improvements 
  • Opt-out from Siri any time.

Finally, IOS 13.2 update has Homekit Secure Video for all the home kit enabled cameras. It also supports all the newly launched AirPods Pro as well.

With all these fabulous features, if you are striving to download IOS13.2 on your device? Then make sure you take backup for your device. Also, ensure your iCloud backup updates to date. 

To find out that you have to go to the settings page your iPad or iPhone and click on your account information which is at the top. 

If you want you can plug the device into your computer to do a manual backup on the iTunes. Never forget to encrypt your backup in the Itunes. Keep the password to encrypted data so that you can be protected even if your system is hacked.

Once you complete all the aspects, you should go to the settings — Click on General settings — Software update  —- Then you will find “Update Requested” click on that, and your download will automatically start.

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