You’ve probably never seen an iPhone case like this before

The man holding the Oceanic+ dive housing.

You’ve probably never seen an iPhone case like this before, and there’s a very good chance you’ve never seen one like this before used Either it has been liked before. This is the Oceanic+ dive housing, and it seals your iPhone in a pressurized environment to keep it safe so you can take photos deep underwater without the risk of damage. Plus, it turns your iPhone into a dive computer, and it works with your Apple Watch Ultra or Apple Watch Ultra 2.

You may be familiar with Oceanic+, the app that turns the Apple Watch Ultra into a dive computer. It is being updated to version 2.0, and along with a suite of new features comes compatibility with the new dive housing. Place your iPhone inside it, and an automatic vacuum pump begins to seal it securely inside, a process that is completed after a few minutes and various leak tests. It is then designed to be taken underwater to a depth of 60 meters and controlled using Bluetooth-connected physical buttons on the case.

A person using Oceanic+ dive housing.

This works in two different ways. First, it makes the iPhone’s camera usable in environments where it would otherwise be impossible to function. This works with the main and wide-angle cameras, as well as the telephoto camera if your iPhone has the capability. All cameras work for stills and video, which can be shot at 30 frames per second (fps) or 60 fps in 4K resolution. The basic functionality is free, but if you pay a subscription to Oceanic+, you get special color-correcting filters and other editing tools to make your dive videos look their best.

Another way Dive Housing works is to display dive data from Oceanic+. Collected from built-in temperature and depth sensors, it is shown on the screen at all times but can be minimized to focus when using the camera. Everything from depth data and GPS location to surface interval and climb rate is shown. It syncs with your Apple Watch Ultra, which is recommended as your primary device while diving, and can be used as either a backup dive computer or alone if you don’t have a smartwatch.

Version 2.0 of the Oceanic+ app features a new home screen view, a location planner, a weight planner to quickly generate the amount of ballast needed for your dive, and user-generated data on popular dive locations. The Free Dive mode has been updated, providing a ton of data including depth, speed and dive time when using the Apple Watch Ultra, as well as telling you about various events and heart rate data at the beginning and end of your dive. Also provides alarm to alert. A new Logbook feature provides a summary of all your dives, and photos and videos taken with the dive housing can be added to your log, creating a complete overview of the experience.

Obviously, Oceanic+ is a very specialist app, and Dive Housing will only appeal to those interested in its functionality. But that doesn’t stop it from being a very impressive piece of kit – and that’s based on the amazing capability of the Apple Watch Ultra.

The Dive Housing is compatible with a wide range of iPhone models, all the way up to the iPhone X and even the iPhone SE (2022). The Oceanic+ app is free, but some features require a monthly $5 subscription. This includes using it on smartwatches, your iPhone, and dive housing. The Oceanic+ dive housing will be available from the end of October for $490.

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