Apple is worth $2 trillion

Apple may soon have more company in the $2 trillion market cap club

Microsoft (MSFT) In only worth $ 2 trillion. Amazon (AMZN) has a market capitalization of $ 1.7 trillion, y, Google owner alpbabetum (googl) Worth about $ 1.5 trillion.
Tech came roaring back of the foot in the stocks, in recent weeks, the Nasdaq has to push the help of these were of so great stature, and in others close to record highs.
In fact, the highest terms Tech seven – five stocks of FAANG facebook (FE:)Amazon: Apple (AAPL); netflix (NFLX) and the alphabet, Microsoft, and more tesla (tslat) – the sum of $ 9.3 trillion now collectively. That’s S & P to a quarter of the total market value of $ 37,5 trillion.
With the growth of the earnings and reported to a subscriber to Netflix, although it can not cheat your courage last week experienced the tech they think it is very likely to remain a source of reflection.

And it’s because there is great tech companies are look forward to after a solid earnings for the foreseeable future. The latest Tesla to release the results Monday after the market while Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alphabet Microsoft will report later this week.

Next week & # 39;  acquired can boost tech stocks once again

“The S & P expectations that earnings are for this year, as investors await the roof of this great recovery and tech is the big part of that,” said Daniel Morgan, senior portfolio manager at Synovia Trust Company. “These are companies that dominates. ‘

Morgan said that the high tech firms such as generating strong earnings growth, then all of them, including the older, more mature, the companies and groups such as Apple and Microsoft, remain Wall Street hanky.

Morgan shows what part of the high-tech 1990 IBM (IBM); Oracle (orclei) and Cisco (CSCO), Eventually started levels after slower sales and earnings growth does not seem to be the current leaders of the Nasdaq.

JPMorgan analyst Doug anmuth Amazon expects the $ 2 trillion mark hit in due course. There is a recent report that the Amazon anmuth was his “favorite” to ask in the first quarter of FAANG earnings from stocks and other stock can be up to 30% in the next 12 months. That would push its market value is about $ 2.2 trillion.

Strong and lots of cash earnings

In another report, as noted alphabet anmuth should continue to gain momentum in its core strength to favor competition. He estimated that nearly $ 1 trillion in the help of a standalone Google’s strength at all while the unity is to be found in the YouTube around $ 400 billion, out of the more vile in proportion.

That is not to say, like a madman, that all the merchandise of the great high-tech 2021 bubblesque in the estimation of stocks of that.

So Amazon both sporting and Tesla are especially rich price-earnings ratio, so that extensions for Facebook and Google are more reasonable. Ditto for Apple and Microsoft, and even those who do and those who pay quarterly dividends more attractive than low-yielding Treasury bonds.

Apple doubles down in the United States, promise another $ 80 billion investment

What’s more, many of the stranger in the balance sheets of the great, and the former Techs being the others. That the matter of the high-tech firms in recent times, to love what is safer to also pursuers, escaped.

Most of them offer products and services that have not held up well in a pandemic – continue to be and act as the economy returns.

“Tech’s with the best of both worlds reflect the seven firms for investors,” said Chris Gaffney, president of the World Bank TIAA the markets. “This shows the importance to the economy at large.”

“The highest growth for companies, but also could have had to do that even if they do not sit behind the reopening developer Covid,” Gaffney said. “Some of the changes in consumer behavior is permanent pandemic.”

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