Apple is now selling a smart bike helmet with LED Turn Signal

Apple is now selling a smart bike helmet with LED Turn Signal

Apple is now into the smart bike helmet creation. Usually, bike users do a lot of to make drivers notice them by giving signals.

They usually slap reflectors on their clothes, install different types of lights on their bikes, or even put on a neon yellow vests. They do all these because they want to display their signal to the others. Now, these types of people can use turn signals similar to the car.

Apple is now selling a smart bike helmet with led turn signal
Lumos matrix urban bike helmet

Apple has started selling its new Lumos Matrix helmets in its official stores and online from the 9th of October. These Lumos matrix helmets come in two colors those are white and black helmets. These products’ retail pricing is $249.95.

Apple’s new Lumos matrix helmets will change the function of helmets. In general, today’s bike riders helmets are just for protection. But coming to the Lumos matrix, it reimagines the tasks of the regular helmet and gives lots of options to the bikers. Says the co-founder and CEO Eu-wen Ding.

Eu-wen Ding says that “Design is made about solving human problems, but no one is looking into the challenges of the commuters. 

The traditional guys are always trying to solve the issues like “how can we make helmets superlightweight? Or how can we make it super aerodynamics? Or some other issues. But, the latest Lumos matrix helmets are different when it comes to these questions. 

Their question is, ” How can we make the helmet that has less weight and can be seen from far away so that drivers can recognize the bikes”?

Along with that, these helmets add bright front light, and the helmet has a 7×11 dot matrix, with the animated LED panel on its rear surface to the signal turns and brakes to the drivers. It has the upgrade from the static display of Lumo’s previous helmet to the new sleek design, which is streamlined, especially for biker’s safety.

Bikers can now activate lights with simple touchpad, and it can be attached to their bike handlebars with ease. You can even connect it with the Apple Watch app so that it automatically detects hand signals.

The mobile application can also allow users to quickly adjust to the lights brightness and flash frequency, as well. This also offers users with plenty of new options to customize swiftly the animation, which is displayed on the rear panel surface.

Apple is now selling a smart bike helmet with led turn signal
Lumos matrix urban bike helmet

According to the US Census Bureau, more than 800,000 daily bike commuters ride more than 84 million trips on the shared motorcycles and scooters last year in the US alone. This was reported by the national association of city transportation officials.

The brand new Lumos matrix comes with an exclusive app that quickly allows the bikers to adjust the light and brightness of the flash frequency in the helmet.

So, the flashlight depends upon the bikers itself. Ding says, that vision of the helmet that anticipates the needs of our urban landscape and it is quite useful for all the bikers.

The helmets have been around for a very long time, but they haven’t changed. When you look at the traditional helmet to the modern-day helmets, all have the same purpose and same functions; there are no differences between them. 

So, we want to come up with fresh ideas to help bikers, and we have created the next generation helmet. Usually, the helmets have done a great job in protection, but with our helmets, we’re preventing and protecting bikers at the same time.

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