Apple faces two EU anti-competition probes

Apple faces two EU anti-competition probes

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Apple faces two European Commission surveys to find out if it broke competition rules.

An investigation focuses on iPad and iPhone limiting itself to installing apps from Apple’s own App Store, among other restrictions imposed on third-party developers.

The other concerns Apple Pay, with a problem that other services cannot use the tap-and-go feature of the iPhone.

Apple said it is “disappointing” that the EU “has made unfounded complaints”.

And he accused the companies that had raised accusations against it of wanting a “free ride”.

“Our goal is simple: for our customers to have access to the best app or service of their choice, in a safe and secure environment.”

Apple is also under scrutiny in the U.S., where it has been reported that the House’s judicial committee has asked that its CEO Tim Cook appear alongside other technology leaders to answer questions about antitrust concerns.

Amazon said that its CEO Jeff Bezos is willing to testify, as long as Mr. Cook and his Facebook and Google counterparts provide evidence.

The latest development comes a few days before Apple organizes the annual developer conference.

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