Apple Announces an iPhone 13 Event for September 14

Apple announces an iphone 13 event for september 14

Apple has confirmed that it’s holding a product launch event on September 14 at 10AM Pacific Time. The company is expected to officially announce the new iPhone 13 family, as well as a slew of accessories which could range from new AirPods 3, an Apple Watch Series 7, and an updated MagSafe charger. The company will be streaming this event live from Apple Park, the second virtual event it’s held since the start of the pandemic. This means you’ll also be able to stream it from your phone or computer on the day.

We’re California Streaming on September 14th. See you real soon. ???? #AppleEvent

— Greg Joswiak (@gregjoz) September 7, 2021

The star of the show is expected to be the incoming iPhone 13. With reports of Apple making iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, an iPhone 13 Pro Max, the phones are a refinement of last year’s already excellent iPhones. Buyers should expect a much faster Apple A15 processor to power this, a smaller (but still present) notch, improvements to the camera hardware and video support, and 120Hz displays on the Pro models. There were reports that Apple may have been planning for a Touch-ID comeback, but the company is said to have settled on improving Face ID instead.

As for accessories, Apple is planning a new MagSafe charger (and an FCC filing confirms that), with leaks of new AirPods 3 making a simultaneous debut. The company may be planning a refreshed iPad Mini 6 with an iPad-Air-esque design, but it may not make an appearance next Tuesday.  Apple could split the iPhone and iPad launch as it is wont to do. With reports of multiple September events, it is not an unlikely outcome.

More importantly than the new iPhones, the company will have a moment to sell developers on the promise of iPhone and the App Store again. Typically taken for granted, a slew of lawsuits and regulatory efforts have cast doubts on the app store model — Apple’s especially — as something worth preserving. With Apple prone to showcasing examples of apps using the hardware tools it provides and the promise of new capabilities to be unlocked by hundreds of millions of potential customers, this is the perfect stage to address wavering developers.

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