Apple AirPods Powerbeats Get Massive Price Cuts at Amazon

Amazon Offers Massive Price Drops on Apple AirPods Powerbeats

If you are deeply involved in the Apple ecosystem, you will be looking for amazing AirPods and Powerbeats Pro discounts. Apple’s pairing technology and proprietary chips ensure that the headphones of these two brands work seamlessly and quickly with Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones.

We don’t see Powerbeats or AirPods going on huge sales often because they are always in high demand. We are excited to share these amazing headphone deals with you. One of these deals is for the beloved Apple AirPods Pro, which you can get for just $190 right now, $60 off the original price of $250.

Apple airpods powerbeats get massive price cuts at amazon
Apple airpods powerbeats get massive price cuts at amazon

On the other hand, if you’re planning to use your headphones for sports, you might want to look at the Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless, which is $50 off right now, taking down its price to just $100 from $150. These headphones are available to purchase here.

Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless — $100 Was $150

Although the Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless is a classic design that has a wire connecting the two buds, it’s not for everyone. However, runners and fitness enthusiasts will appreciate their affordability. These earbuds are perfect for listening to your favourite workout music.

These earbuds have the Apple H1 chip, which is found on more expensive models. This provides great signal stability even during intense workouts. They have adjustable and secure ear hooks to hold the buds in place. If you get a call during a run, they have a microphone built-in. You can use them all day, even after you finish your morning workout. They have 15-hour battery life. You can purchase the Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless for as low as $150. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to click the “Buy Now” button.

Apple AirPods Pro — $190 – Was $250

We called the Apple AirPods Pro a “great win for Apple” when we reviewed them. Their sound quality, noise cancelling, comfort, and great call quality made them a “great win for Apple”. These are still the best earbuds for all occasions, especially if you own an Apple device.

The earbuds are equipped with an Apple H1 chip, a custom speaker driver, and a high-dynamic-range amplifier. This creates a great listening experience for all media, including music, podcasts, and calls. AirPods Pro’s microphone captures clear, crisp audio in noisy environments. Active noise cancellation, which employs software to block the sounds around you, and transparency mode, which allows you to hear outside noises when your AirPods Pro is on, are also available.

The case can provide an additional 24 hours charging and five-hour battery life. The time is right to get the Apple AirPods Pro. The original price was $250, but they’re now only $190. You can end this deal at any moment, so click on the “Buy Now” button below.

More AirPods deals

These are great choices for most listeners. However, if you want something more, you might consider checking out the Apple AirPods deals. Below are the top deals on these headphones:

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