Antidisturbios on CANAL +: who are the police officers in Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s punchy series?

Available on myCANAL this May 13, “Antidisturbios” is a Spanish thriller by Rodrigo Sorogoyen (El Reino, Madre). Boosted by a frantic pace, the 6 episodes of the series follow the course of 6 police officers in the viewfinder of an investigator. Portraits.

Find Antidisturbios in full and in replay via myCANAL.

And discover this impeccable series by Rodrigo Sorogoyen from May 13 on CANAL +, with 2 episodes broadcast every Thursday evening for 3 weeks.

Laia (Vicky Luengo)

Canal +

Embodied by the impressive Vicky Luengo, Laia is a stubborn and ambitious young investigator, who bursts the screen from the first seconds of Antidisturbios. In charge of internal affairs, it is to her that falls the challenge of confronting the six police officers of the anti-riot squad Puma 93 implicated in the case of an eviction that went very badly. But will his righteousness and his great intelligence be enough to bring out the truth?

Salva (Hovik Keuchkerian)

Canal +

Salva is the head of the riot squad. Knowing his job inside out and showing great professionalism, he now has only one desire: to lead a peaceful office life. His goal is therefore to survive away from the tumult of the street. And it is Hovik Keuchkerian, alias Bogota from La Casa de Papel, who lends him his features.

Álex (Álex Garcia)

Canal +

Nothing scares the charismatic Álex camped by Álex Garcia. And that’s in part because he’s Rosales’ nephew: Madrid’s deputy riot police chief. Little worried by the investigation led by Laia, he is one of the only ones to keep his optimism because he is convinced that his uncle will help him out. A betrayal is the only thing that could bring him down and make him lose his means …

Diego (Raúl Arévalo)


Winner of three Goyas for his film The Wrath of a Patient Man, Raúl Arévalo brings Diego to life, the archetype of the average policeman, proud of his profession and his team. A natural, honest and intelligent leader, he places ethics above all else. This is why he despises Laia who dares to question her work. In the private sector, he does everything to get closer to his wife and children and hopes to be transferred to La Coruña to live with them.

Ubeda (Roberto Álamo)

Canal +

Wrecked by too many years of insults, violence, humiliation, to be considered the last wheel of the coach by his superiors, Úbeda is buried in silence and depression. This man played by Roberto Álamo has thus become a real time bomb that the police cannot detect, and that he himself does not want to face …

Rubén (Patrick Criado)

Canal +

The youngest member of the Puma 93 brigade, Rubén (Patrick Criado) is also the most immature and the most violent. Totally admiring Alex, he is always the first to draw his baton, and can quickly get carried away by his instability and his simplicity of mind. It is moreover his impulsiveness which sets fire to the powder in the case of the expulsion, involving heavy consequences for him and his colleagues.

Bermejo (Raúl Prieto)

Canal +

New to the riot unit, Bermejo (Raúl Prieto) is a former inspector of the judicial service who shone in this field. However, he has moved because of a mysterious past that he conceals with great self-control. But if he does not show any emotion and therefore incites mistrust, his phlegm will disappear, making him become dangerous for all those who are in his viewfinder.

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