Angel Heart on DNA: what is this alternative sequel to Nicky Larson?  - News Series on TV

Angel Heart on DNA: what is this alternative sequel to Nicky Larson? – News Series on TV

The “Angel Heart” series, available on the DNA platform since Friday, April 23, is a sequel to the “Nicky Larson” anime, although its plot takes place in an alternate reality. Explanations.

Tsukasa Hojo / TMS / YTV / ANX / YTE


Several years after the end of City Hunter, Kaori, who is about to marry Ryô Saeba, dies while trying to save a child about to be hit by a truck. Her heart is stolen by an organization that grafts it to Glass Heart, a 14-year-old contract killer. The latter then inherits certain memories of Kaori, but also of her feelings towards Ryo. Glass Heart will therefore try to find the one who occupies his thoughts while trying to lead a normal teenage life …

Angel Heart (50 episodes) – Available on DNA


Nicky Larson’s sequel hits DNA! Taking place after the plot of the famous anime, with the same hero (here under his Japanese name, Ryô Saeba), Angel heart is not really linked to the universe of City hunter (the original title of Nicky larson)!

Angel heart – imagined by the same creator, Tsukasa Hojo – is indeed an unofficial sequel, set in an alternate reality. Thus, the Ryô Saeba of Angel Heart is NOT the Ryô Saeba of City hunter, and the chronology of Nicky larson is not respected by the series.

In the preface to the manga (published by Panini Manga), the author Tsukasa Hojo warns his readers about the independent nature of his work: “Angel Heart has nothing to do with the groups, characters, events depicted in City Hunter. Even though some of the characters have similar names, they are original creations unrelated to the story of the previous series.”

Tsukasa Hojo / TMS / YTV / ANX / YTE

Never associated with the success of his manga City hunter, Tsukasa Hojo nevertheless maintains an ambiguous relationship with his series; dissatisfied with the end delivered under the pressure of the Shueisha, the author left on bad terms with the famous Japanese publishing house. It is also via the independent label Coamix – which he co-created with other mangakas (including Tetsuo Hara, the cartoonist of Ken the survivor) – that Hojo launches the publication ofAngel heart.

Freed from all artistic constraints, the mangaka therefore sees it as an opportunity to reappropriate his work, but also to distance himself from the universe of City hunter by giving its heroes a whole new start. Series Angel heart will also be an opportunity for him to tackle darker themes, without having to worry about pleasing a teenage readership.

Stayed true to the plot of the manga, the anime Angel heart also stands out from Nicky larson by a completely different animation and character design from the first series. Fans of the French version will nevertheless have the pleasure of finding the dubbing actor Vincent Ropion in the role of Ryô Saeba (the seiyû of the character Akira Kamiya is also making a comeback in the Japanese version).

Both sequel and reboot therefore, the anime Angel heart is to be discovered now in full VF on the ADN platform!

The Japanese credits of the animated series Angel Heart:

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