Android exec briefly shows off Pixel 6’s under-display fingerprint sensor

An Android executive briefly shows the Pixel 6’s under-display fingerprint sensor

Under-display fingerprint sensor: The Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro are now available. Google already plans to unveil a major redesign of its flagship Pixel phones later in the year.

The Pixel 6 series will feature an under-display fingerprint scanner and a new Tensor processor. On Twitter, we now have our first glimpse at the Pixel 6 series’s under-display fingerprint scanner.

  • Twitter shared a screenshot showing the location of the Pixel 6’s under-display fingerprint scanner.
  • The Google Android division quickly removed the image after it was posted.
  • It could also display the highest resolution on your phone’s screen.
Under-display fingerprint sensor
Under-display fingerprint sensor

Hiroshi Lockheimer, head of Google’s Android division, posted what looked to be an innocent image on his Twitter account. The caption said that he was testing new wallpaper combinations using Android 12’s Material You theing engine. The screenshot shows that the under-display fingerprint sensor icon of the Pixel is located right below the clock widget. This gives us a glimpse at what the sensor will look on the Pixel 6.

Hiroshi quickly deleted the tweet shortly after it was posted on Twitter.

We all know that almost everything disappears from the internet. Mishaal Rahman (XDA-Developers editor-in-chief) reposted a copy Lockheimer’s deleted tweet on his own account.

The screenshot itself had a resolution of 1,440 x 3,200, although a later tweet clarified that the Pixel 6’s screen resolution should be 1,140 x 3,120. The image showed that the phone was connected to Verizon’s 5G network.

Lockheimer’s tweet was deleted if that is the case. Why would you delete an image from a phone that is already in production? We should expect more information from Google regarding the new Pixel 6 smartphones in the fall.

Are you looking forward to the Pixel 6 series of smartphones?

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