Android 11 to Get an AirDrop-Like Feature

Android 11 to Get an AirDrop-Like Feature

People who use the iPhone have been using the AirDrop feature since iOS 7 to help them share large files with others who have iOS or Mac OS devices. The system allows such files to be sent over in less time. The setup works for multiple files, although it does well for when people need to send multimedia content. The wireless design also helps those files move about without having to use any outside attachments or other features for use.

Android 11 is expected to get a feature similar to what iOS users get with AirDrop. Google has been trying to develop something for Android similar to what AirDrop offers. The feature will be called Fast Share.

Android 11 to Get an AirDrop-Like Feature
Android 11 to Get an AirDrop-Like Feature

The iPhone’s AirDrop feature has been very popular among iPhone users, but many Android users have been very jealous of what it offers. The potential for this feature to become available for Android users is something that people will be very interested in noting, especially as the market continues to change and go forward.

How It Works

The Fast Share feature from Android would be a setup that allows people to share files. No wires are necessary, not to mention the effort takes less time. The user on one device will start up the Fast Share app and then select a file that will move to a target device.

The user would then identify the specific device that one wishes to send the content. A Bluetooth connection would be necessary for linking the two together.

The file will then go from the original phone or device to the other Android-enabled unit. The setup works best when the two have Android 11 or greater.

The most important part of the feature is that it makes it easier for the phone to handle content in little time. The design is similar to what AirDrop uses, in that it ensures videos, large-scale documents, and other files that take up lots of space can travel between devices in moments.

Testing Ongoing

Release notes on an Android 11 developer prevent suggest that Fast Share is being tested and that it has been working well for the most part. But there is a concern in that while a target device might receive a file, the user interface will suggest that the phone did not get it delivered.

When Will It Be Revealed?

The Fast Share feature would be a direct competitor to the AirDrop feature that iOS devices have been using for years. But the specific date for when Android 11 will be released is unclear.

Given that Android 10 was released in September 2019, there’s a possibility that Android 11 will be released around the same time. It could be made open to the public in September 2020.

The Fast Share setup from Android will be worthwhile for users. People should take note of what the Fast Share system will feature and how it can help people in getting their files moving well. It would also do well for high-value files and multimedia content.

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