Android 10 an appealing update to Google’s mobile system

Android 10 an appealing update to Google’s mobile system

Android 10 is an attractive update to Google’s mobile network that has been growing in recent times. Android 10 has many positives, including a gesture-based navigation control system, improved app permissions, and smart reply support for messaging apps.

But as useful as Android 10 can be, a few issues are surrounding the mobile OS that needs to be noted. Such concerns have to be explored when seeing how well Android 10 can work for any use that one might have.

Sensor Issues

Android 10 updates
Android 10 updates

Android 10 uses many sensor-based features like a double-tap to wake the device, auto-brightness controls, and auto-rotation features. But as useful as these points may be for the Android OS, there have been some software programs surrounding these sensors. The OS is not working as well as it should. There are struggles with the software not reading certain situations, although there should be an update that resolves these concerns in the future.

Hard to Answer Calls

It has been a challenge for some people to answer phone calls on the Android 10 system. Some people are unable to connect to their phone calls when trying to use Android 10. People can clear out the cache features in their phones to make it easier to answer calls. Still, there might be some difficulties in trying to answer a call on the system.

SIM Card Concerns

eSIM cards make it easier for people to access various networks. But it is often tricky for eSIM cards or regular SIM cards to be read by the Android 10 system. An eSIM card may be the only one that displays after a physical SIM is inserted. This is in comparison with how two separate SIMs should be on display at this point. The control feature is difficult to maintain, but it is essential to note.

Mobile Data Issues

There are also problems with how mobile data usage can be managed with Android 10. Mobile data controls often make it harder for people to access their data on a cellular network. The problem can be resolved for now in the Network and Internet menu by switching access points. But there is a hope that a future update will allow the mobile data system to change over time.

Lastpass Authenticator Issues

The Lastpass Authenticator password management app is convenient, but it is running into significant Android 10 issues. The user might need to clear the phone’s cache and restart a few times to make it easier for the Lastpass app to work. But even then, it would be best to wait for the Lastpass developers to provide an update to the program to make it work more effectively with Android 10.

Expect future Android 10 updates to resolve many of the concerns that have appeared surrounding the operating system. There will be a need to correct these problems as well as possible to ensure there are no potential threats that might make it harder for Android 10 users to make things work as desired.

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