And on Netflix: the incredible hearing of Henry Thomas that made Spielberg crack

While the feature film “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” is available on Netflix, focus on the incredible audition of Henry Thomas for the role of little Elliott. A performance that literally cracked the director Steven Spielberg.

It’s the kind of streak that gives a big breath of nostalgia to those who grew up in the ’80s and that also spins, let’s face it, a nice little thrill. While the cult feature film ET the Extra-Terrestrial has been available on the Netflix platform for almost two weeks, a look back at the incredible audition of actor Henry Thomas, then just 10 years old, who undoubtedly definitely convinced director Steven Spielberg to cast him as Elliott.

During this hearing in front of Spielberg, the quasi-novice Henry Thomas, after having received the instructions from the filmmaker, is frankly moving in the skin of the one who does not want to be separated from his little alien comrade. “You can’t take him, he’s mine. I don’t care what the president says, he’s my best friend and you can’t take him.”, he begs sobs in his voice and quavering chin to his interlocutor, who plays one of the members of the US government. And tears flow down the cheeks of the young actor, to say the least inhabited by his role.

Faced with this overwhelming and confusing natural performance, Spielberg, blown away, can only face the facts. “OK, kid, you just got the part”, exclaims the American director, who will keep his promise. Shortly after this stint in front of the camera, Henry Thomas will indeed land the coveted role of young Elliott. We know the rest …

Henry Thomas’ audition for the film “ET the extra-terrestrial”:

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