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Available on Salto, “And Just Like That”, the sequel to “Sex and the City”, features the death of an emblematic character from the first episode. Michael Patrick King, the showrunner of the series, explained this daring script choice.

And Just Like That, the sequel to Sex and the City in the form of a miniseries of 10 episodes, has been available since Friday in France in US + 24 on Salto, which has already put the two online. first shutters and will then offer a new episode each week, to the rhythm of the American broadcast on HBO Max.

And if this new chapter of Sex and the City allows us to find with pleasure Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis), who navigate in the murky waters of their fifties without Samantha, who lives Now in London, the first episode left many fans in shock as it killed one of the franchise’s most iconic characters.

Always presented as the great love of Carrie, whom she had ended up marrying in the first feature film Sex and the City released in the cinema in 2008, Mr Big (Chris Noth) indeed dies of a heart attack at the beginning of And Just Like That, leaving Carrie, and viewers, inconsolable. A scriptwriting choice that divides but opens the field of possibilities for Carrie Bradshaw. And which has visibly established itself as an obvious choice for showrunner and creator Michael Patrick King.

“I didn’t hesitate at all”, explains to TVLine the one who already oversaw Sex and the City and its sequels on the big screen. “Sex and the City has always been bold in its scriptwriting choices. It’s just one more choice for one of the show’s main lover contenders.”.

“When we were doing Sex and the City on HBO, we said a lot of pretty dark, disturbing, and amazing things.”, continues Michael Patrick King. “Carrie had an affair, she broke a marriage, Samantha had cancer, Miranda almost had an abortion. The show has always been a mixture of darkness and light. (…) So I never have was afraid to go in that direction with Big. Because I knew I had a considerable actress to play this plot. I had Sarah Jessica Parker, who could play this, and people love Carrie “.

Also according to the And Just Like That showrunner, since death is a part of life, it was ultimately important that Carrie also experience it at some point.

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“Death is part of life. And of course we are in fiction”, explains Michael Patrick King at the microphone of TVLine. “And one of the great uses of fiction is to allow us to feel things that are not real, that are scary, because when we feel them in real life, they prove to be devastating. in fiction it’s not real. It’s like a first try. Everyone’s already lost a loved one, so why not Carrie? “.

“And then it proves that we don’t do television (And Just Like That is offered on the HBO Max platform across the Atlantic, ndrl). Because in television the rule is this: don’t change what works. And, for once, Carrie and Big were working. And that’s why we went in this direction: I wanted the series to reflect a new reality “.

“Also, it’s interesting to ask the question: is it better to have loved and to have lost this love, rather than never to have loved at all? I think about it all the time. finds it interesting that Carrie now has to ask herself the question “.

It remains to be seen what follow-up the writers of And Just Like That will give to the adventures of Carrie in the next eight episodes of the series. And how the mourning of the heroine played by Sarah Jessica Parker will be told. Before a possible return to the light? And the promise of new encounters?

The future will tell. But one thing is certain: Sex and the City fans are dying to know what the next chapter in Carrie Bradshaw’s life will be made of. Without John James Preston.

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