An Android-based alternative to the Switch

An Android-based alternative to the Switch:

  • GPD has announced that it is working on a new Android gaming device.
  • The new device has a Nintendo Switch-style form factor.
  • The handheld is expected to have a Helio G95 chipset and 6GB RAM. It will also be able to store 128GB.

GPD is a prominent player in the handheld market, with a range of gaming-focused handhelds that run Android or Windows. Although it’s been a while since the GPD XD Plus in 2018, we haven’t seen an Android device, but it seems like the company is working on a new tablet.

An android-based alternative to the switch
An android-based alternative to the switch


The new handheld is a Nintendo Switch-like design and eschews the DS-style clamshell design of the old device. It appears that the left-hand controller cannot be detached, but the right-hand controller, which has four face buttons and shoulder triggers as well as an analog stick, can be removed to make way for an alternate gamepad.

The GPD XP supposedly runs a Mediatek Helio G95 processor with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. It also has a 7,000mAh battery. Although we don’t know the screen details, we believe this panel to be an LCD panel. Previous devices have shown us similar results.

An Android-based alternative to the Switch

These specs should be able to run all the way up to PSP emulator at a very fast pace. However, we expect some GameCube titles will run here.

GPD will not offer firmware updates for the new handheld. This is a potential problem. GPD XD Plus was launched with Android 7.0, but has not received any major updates. Software support is something that people who value it might prefer to use a phone and a gamepad.

The GPD XD Plus was just below $250, although there is no information on pricing or availability. The GPD XP is expected to be more expensive, but we will only know when that happens. We have a lot of options for handheld gaming, thanks to this, Valve’s Steam Deck, or the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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